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How To Earn Tons of Profit With In-Page Push by EVADAV?

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain

Advertising Push Notification

How To Earn Tons of Profit With In-Page Push by EVADAV?

EVADAV is a client-centric native advertising model that presents a cutting-edge medium to bridge publishers and advertisers for mutual benefits. It is rated amongst the top push-ad networks that deliver the best performance for advertisers and creates an income stream for publishers-with the power of advanced advertising format, known as native push notifications.

EVADAV In-Page push advertising to a whole new level by building a strategically, client-oriented algorithm to make sure the visitors only have access to relevant ads. Thereby, it increases the likelihood of conversation, which drive more revenue from your website, with a minimum of effort.

Although EVADAV is a relatively new advertising model, it offers an advanced set of features compared to the other ads networks. A handful of features include the straightforward registration & approval process, fast payments, and easy-to-use reporting mechanism, minimum payments, high-quality interest-based ads, sponsorship, etc.

A Few Key Statistics of EVADAV

For Advertisers

Being rated amongst the most reliable push notification network, below we highlight the impressive facts that you just can’t ignore: -

  • This Platform Has Over 2000 Publishers.
  • EVADAV Has More Than 3000 Advertisers.
  • Has Over 10000 Ads Campaigns Running.
  • You Can Get More Than 50000000 Impressions Per Day.

So, from the above-mentioned statistics, it is easy to deduce that the EVADAV platform can be trusted to take your products/services to a wide audience base.

For Publishers

EVADAV is an easy-to-use and trustworthy way to increase revenue for publishers, it is a means to monetize your organic traffic. EVADAV presents a new monetization model that is best suited for all kinds website niches, be it an eCommerce site to a service website, such as the push notifications, high-quality content, rapid integration, and the highest eCPM rate. It is an attractive option for publishers out there.

The best aspect of the EVADAV platform is that it connects your website with an international advertising exchange from top advertisers in the market. It doesn’t matter, the user visited your business website or landed by accident. With EVADAV’s revolutionary push-notification model, once a visitor sign-up for the messaging system on the website, he/she will stay connected with the website, so then you can earn good revenue from the subscribers & visitors.

How To Get Started with EVADAV as a Publisher to Earn Money?

The process of creating a publisher account is so super easy and straightforward with the EVADAV platform. Here, in this post, we’ll guide you a step-by-step quick guide to start earning money.

Step 1: Register On the Official Website of EVADAV

On the website of EVADAV, you’ll find a registration form that you need to fill by providing the basic details such as skype, telegram address, and create a password to move one step towards earning from your website.

Step 2: Setup Your Account

The next step in your journey to make money from the EVADAV platform is to set up your publisher account on the website. However, if you come across any doubt or query when setting up the account, you can check out the detailed tutorial video on how to install the code at the backend of your monetary website. However, if you are still unclear with any aspect of setting up the ads on the website, then you can always reach out for the customer support of EVADAV in order to get answers to your every query.

Step 3: Start Making Money

Now when you’ve created your publisher account, the next step is selecting the conversation tool that is effective for your traffic type. Then, you’ve to simply the ad code at the backend of the website, and you need to specify the payment method to receive a regular payout.

Why EVADAV Platform is Getting So Popular Amongst the Bloggers?

How To Earn Tons of Profit With In-Page Push by EVADAV?

  • EVADAV Has a Wide Selection of Landing Pages for All Kinds of Traffic
  • Easy Integration With the Myriad of Trackers Such as Peerclick, Keitaro, and Binom
  • You Can Manage the Personal Account 24*7
  • Quick & Easy Registration Process
  • Get a Referral Bonus of 5%
  • Minimum Payout is just $25
  • All Verticals and GEOs Worldwide

How Effective Are the Push Notifications?

In recent years, the push notification medium of advertising gaining explosive popularity, and has become a preferred channel of communication, however, it is far less intrusive compared to the SMS or email marketing. They present the highest click-through rates in comparison to any other advertising models. This is the reason why so much to-brand such as Facebook, CandyCrush, Ticketmaster, Expedia, and Starbucks use the push notification, re-engage, and drive immediate responses.

For the users those who have granted permission for the location access, then you can target area & timezone based. For instance, have you ever landed on the Starbucks and received a limited-period coupon notification? Or you’ve got suggestions based on your Netflix’s past interests? Thereby, it is easy to deduce that push-notifications are the next thing in the digital advertising industry that is going to become the success mantra in the next couple of years,

What is Required to Join EVADAV as a Publisher?

The publisher has to agree and knowledge that their website in accordance with the law, the website over which the ads needs to be placed does not infringe third-party rights, privacy laws, or intellectual property rights. One of the key things to note about the EVADAV advertising network that it doesn’t have any minimum publisher requirements, this is what has greatly drawn bloggers and website owners towards this ad platform to earn good revenue. No matter if you are getting a hundred visitors a day or ten thousand, you can get your website registered on the EVADAV online with the minimum of hassle. In addition, any type of website is accepted by the EVADAV platform.

How Does the EVADAV Platform Works?

EVADAV ad network let publishers monetize their landing page, website or blog via the push notifications. The visitors will receive the push notifications as soon they subscribe for it, thereby your landing page/website is going to get steady revenue owing to constant views & clicks. The procedure of signup is pretty straightforward, all you require is to create a publisher account on the EVADAV website, the next step is setting up, and lastly start making money.

EVADAV Pay Rates

The EVADAV advertising platform pays each publisher on the basis of the CPM. The tier one countries such as the United States of America has a CPM rate of 1$, while the Asian developing nations have a CPM rate in the range of 10 to 15 cents. The EVADAV platforms spend 70% of the revenue they make the advertisers to publishers, this is adequate to declare EVADAV has the highest CPM rates.

Payment Method & Cycle

EVADAV has one simple criterion for withdrawing your money which is 25$ for the payment to be processed. Every time you hit this threshold, the payment is directly sent to you, this process is automatic, you don’t need to make a request or something. All the payments are done on the basis of NET7. Generally, the payments are released on Mondays. The different payment methods include Payoneer, Swift, PayPal, Skrill, ePayments, and Webmoney.

Final Words

If you have earlier tried or using the EVADAV platform to make money, we would love to hear from your personal experience, share in the comment section of this blog post.

Considering to signup on the EVADAV? Visit the official website to know the entire process, and clear you every minute doubt from their customer support team.

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