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How Has AI Made Life A Lot Easier

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain

Artificial Intelligence

How Has AI Made Life A Lot Easier

Artificial Intelligence is slowly being incorporated into everything that we do. While some people view this as a positive factor, some see it as a threat since it might put a lot of people out of jobs.

Out of the specifics, how does Artificial Intelligence make life a lot easier for us? In order to create and run Artificial Intelligence, people would need an active internet connection that is fast enough and performs flawlessly, such as Xfinity.

Here are some ways that Artificial Intelligence is making our lives easier every day without us noticing it or ways that Artificial Intelligence could make it easier in the future.

Better Functionality of Home Security Systems :-

These days, the alarm systems that you get also come with Artificial Intelligence incorporated into them.

These security systems are at the top of their game and give you the best performance that any security system could give you.

If you go into the details of these security systems, you would see that they use machine learning and advanced facial recognition while creating a collection of the faces of everyone that visits your house frequently, adding more security to your house.

The system would know if someone new visits your house and it would alert you if a stranger visits your house. This would also protect you against potential intruders.

The system is smart enough to figure out when kids enter your house after a school day and it would also track if your pets are making movements so that they don’t enter areas that are out of bounds for them.

Possible Automation of Vehicles :-

Traveling can be a difficult task for disabled people since they do not have the ability to drive on their own and usually have to rely on other people for it.

If we somehow manage to automate vehicles using Artificial Intelligence, we can make life a lot easier for disabled people.

For instance, we can make self-driving cars that are reliable enough for them to travel safely. This would also create a sense of independence for them and they would be free to travel wherever they want without having to rely on anyone for it.

Taking Pictures in Higher Quality :-

Who knew that you could actually use Artificial Intelligence to take better photos, the kind that would stun everyone?

Appliances such as the LG V40 ThinQ have 5 dedicated cameras that can take pictures using Artificial Intelligence, making it able to recognize what you are taking a picture of and it also suggests what filter would look the best on it.

If you really wish to step up your game and take your photography to the next level, then you would most certainly want to opt for a camera that is incorporated with Artificial Intelligence.

Doing so would definitely make you stand out from the rest.

Streaming Platforms and other Digital Media :-

Artificial Intelligence has a lot to do with machine learning and that is exactly what is being used in streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

They pick up on the content that you watch and the algorithm gives you suggestions on what you should watch next.

For instance, if you watch a lot of comedy, the algorithm would suggest you to watch something that is related to it or just falls in the comedy genre.

Similarly, Artificial Intelligence is also used to reduce buffering, which is why you rarely notice your movie or TV show buffering as you are watching it.

Using more Advanced Voice Recognition :-

Even something as simple as voice recognition now has Artificial Intelligence incorporated into it. Almost everything has voice recognition in it these days, such as your mobile phone and even the TV remote that you get from Xfinity with their Voice Control Remote.

At first, voice control wasn’t as on-point but now with the help of Artificial Intelligence, it is accurate enough to figure out what you want with simple keywords and phrases.

If you happen to get an Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant for yourself, you would notice how accurate the voice control is, and that is all with the help of AI.

Better Customer Service :-

Gone are the times when you had to call customer service and had to talk to someone on call after waiting for a long time.

Now we have Artificial Intelligence in customer support in the form of intelligent chatbots that can listen to your queries and give you possible solutions.

All you have to do is explain your problem to the bot and it would give you all possible solutions until your problem is solved, if it is not then it connects you to a human.

Wrapping Up :-

Artificial Intelligence has definitely made life a lot easier and if proper research is given into it, then we can further make life easier in various ways!

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