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Free Web Hosting - Why It Is A Better Option For Beginners

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain

Web Hosting

Free Web Hosting - Why It Is A Better Option For Beginners

If you want to take your business to the next level, it is crucial to have a strong web presence. And for that, you need a website and a good web hosting that will keep your site available to your audience. However, here the main question is “what is a good web hosting?” Does a paid hosting mean a good hosting? Well, it is not necessarily in every case.

Indeed, it depends on various factors which hosting will be going to be a good option for you. These factors are - your business type, size, and your requirements. Let’s have a look at some advantages of free web hosting for beginners.

Free Hosting - A Great Learning Tool :-

Whether you are an individual, start-up business or a student who is still in the learning phase, free hosting can be a great option for you. You can try your hands at web development or designing and run your site on the free hosting platform with worrying about the cost. Newbies, who are practicing web scripts, e-commerce applications or graphics can also take advantage of free web hosting services.

A Good Option For Individuals & Small Businesses :-

The free web hosting can be a good choice for any company that has created a website for information posting, communicating with people, blogging, etc.

The services of free hosting would be sufficient even if your blog site has more than 200 web pages and 400 daily views. As it takes time for a website to grow, and gather enough audience to surpass the data transferlimit and storage capacity of a free web hosting package.

You can upgrade your service from the free web hosting to paid whenever you feel you need more services and features.

Services What You Get :-

Undoubtedly, when you choose paid to host you get more features. However, it is important to see whether those features are worth buying or not. Most paid hosting companies offer unlimited bandwidth, disk space and email accounts in their premium packages, not in their startup plans. And most of the time, these plans are out of the budget of individuals and startups.

On the other hand, free web hosting lets you relish hosting services for absolutely free. Even some free hosting companies such as 000webhost,, Zymic, Byethost have been offering a decent port speed and bandwidth limit. The only difference is paid hosting offers additional email accounts, scripting support, and data transfer.

For most beginners, bandwidth limit, data transfer, disk storage provided by a free web hosting service would be sufficient. So what is the benefit of paying.

Why You Should Pick A Free Web Hosting As A Beginner :-

There are two sides to every coin. It can't be denied that paid hosting offers more features, services, technical support, but it is also the truth that it can’t be compared to free web hosting when it comes to cost-effectiveness. If you’re a learner or small business enterprise who want to enter the digital world, then free hosting should be definitely your first preference.

Go with free hosting if.

  • You are a novice and want to explore self-web hosting without spending a single dollar.
  • You are running out of money to start your website project immediately.
  • You are okay with limited technical support and features (Don’t worry you always have the option to upgrade your services).
  • You are not running a website that uses various application and advanced scripting support, free web hosting services will be satisfactory for you.

We hope this post will help you make the right decision.

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