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Different Uses Of AI Based Transcription

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain

Artificial Intelligence

Different Uses Of AI Based Transcription

Artificial Intelligence enables machines to use the power of deep learning and natural language processing to learn from experiences and perform tasks that humans are incapable of doing. In simpler words, using AI, computers can be trained to accomplish those tasks that only humans can accomplish at the moment. There is a growing interest in the area of Artificial Intelligence.

Businesses around the world are exploring new ways to use AI to better human life. There are several reasons for this. First, AI technology allows computers to sift through massive amounts of data and find results by recognizing patterns in this data. This task is beyond human capability. Second, the power of AI allows computers to produce accurate results quickly. One of the areas where AI has found significant usage is in the field of transcription. AI tools can transcribe long copies in only a few seconds.

Here are a few areas within the transcription framework that AI finds excellent usage.

AI Transcription Software Have Made the Life of Journalists Easier

There were days when journalists used to sit down with a pen and notebook and diligently write everything that an interviewee said. With the advancement of technology came sound recorders, which made the life of a journalist slightly easier.

However, though having a sound recorder allowed journalists to record interviews and refer to them later, journalists still had to spend long hours to transcribe these audio recordings manually. The life of journalists truly changed when AI transcription software made an entry into the market. An AI transcription software uses the power of AI to transcribe audio recordings within only a few seconds. Moreover, journalists can also use them to analyze the data found in social interviews and interviews conducted for qualitative research and search for relevant patterns in data.

Most journalists, these days, prefer to use Audext, which allows transcribing audio to text automatically for their transcription needs. Audext is an audio to text converter online software that uses the power of AI to transcribe audio to the text within only a few seconds. Many different reasons are responsible for the growing popularity of this transcription tool. First, Audext is one of the few transcription software that effectively uses the power of deep learning and AI.

Second, it allows users to make changes in the converted file before downloading the final copy -- a handy feature that not many transcription software offers. Third, it is capable of identifying speakers and transcribing files to match the speech of the speaker. Last, it is online software, and thus, users are not required to clutter their phones further by having to download another app. If you are looking to convert audio files to text, use Audext without thinking twice.

AI Transcription Software Can Be Used for Recording Effective Meeting Minutes

There was a time when businesses used to hire a person whose key responsibility area was to sit in meetings and takedown useful meeting minutes. Not only was this job boring and monotonous, there always used to be room for errors.

AI transcription software has changed all of that for good. These days, there are several AI transcription software that can be used for recording active meeting minutes. The best part is this software leave zero scopes for errors.

This Software Can Be Used to Record Conference Calls Easily and Efficiently

Since AI transcription software is quite easy to use, businesses have started using this software to record conference calls these days. Doing this provides an added advantage -- in the case, the meeting owners decide they need to convert the recorded file into a text file, they can easily do so using the same AI transcription software.

AI-Based Software Allow Content Marketers to Find Tweetable Quotes and Repurpose Webinars

Content marketing has become more critical than ever, and it is, thus, that businesses around the world have started incorporating it in their marketing strategy. Content marketers work round-the-clock to ensure that the content they are putting out is not only bringing in potential customers but also projecting the right company image.

This often leads to a constant demand for new content. Content marketing is, thus, a demanding job that has been made slightly easier by AI transcription software. These days, content marketers use AI software to transcribe webinars and use parts of these webinars as tweetable quotes.


AI is changing the way we live and operate. It is capable of enhancing our lives and making it better in every way. Transcription is the latest field in which AI has made its mark. If you are looking for an AI-based transcription software to convert an audio file to text, try Audext. It is one of the best AI-based transcription software currently available in the market.

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