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Creating A Mobile App: Reasons To Prioritize The iOS App Store First

Last Updated On Thursday, Oct 19, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain


Creating A Mobile App: Reasons To Prioritize The iOS App Store First

In the world of technology, people usually discuss the differences between hardware more than software, which is a little surprising, because they both may affect the user experience and overall convenience.

The choice between iOS and Android as operating systems is not less important than the material of the smartphone frames, camera quality, etc.

On the other side of discussions are the programmers who have several tasks in terms of providing excellent solutions to users, as well as satisfaction regarding app updates, security measures, and much more.

It is not a secret that applications can be prioritized differently for each operating system, depending on the development company and the business strategies.

If a business operates within the territory of the United States, it will likely prefer investing in an iOS app first, given the fact that over 50% of the population prefers using an Apple device.

On the contrary, if the application has a global reach, the developer company may come along with some doubts about which market to emphasize more, especially when the finances are limited.

Don’t forget that we are dealing with two huge target groups, and the choice may not be easy.

However, we have several reasons to push the idea that prioritizing the iOS app may come with more rewards, boosting the business goals and user engagement.

Gaming Companies Prove to Be Safer :-

Everyone knows that the App Store is not just a marketplace where everyone can upload their apps which causes some safety issues for users.

Apple is famous for keeping its gates watched and monitored 24/7, which is one of the most significant values of the Apple ecosystem.

Approximately half a million games have been delivered to the users, and they do have some advantage, and it’s the status of being Apple-approved.

Games are the highest priority for the App Store, hence the company presented a separate gaming platform within the main app, called Arcade.

Moreover, iPhones are designed carefully to satisfy even the pickiest gamers.

With the rise of interest in casino gaming offers, many gambling platforms create beautiful and flexible apps, among which the competition is tough.

To be chosen by users, developers need to understand their priorities.

In the mobile gambling field, one of the most-searched questions is - how to gamble safely online without digital security risks, so people do care about this issue.

But do you know what’s the answer they get most of the time? It’s choosing a reliable platform or app.

Everyone knows about Apple standards, and having your application on the App Store gives some primary guarantees that there is a reliable company behind the app and it is well-developed enough to find its place in the Apple Store.

With Apple, Payments are Easier :-

The marketing side of each mobile application is monetizing it and gaining some income.

Although the offers and digital items that the app tries to sell are crucial, another aspect is the ease of payments from the user’s viewpoint.

Apple’s magnificent ecosystem has been built based on safety and convenience, and people appreciate it, which means this makes some difference when they think about paying for your app.

Apple offers several methods for instant payments, such as credit and debit cards and Gift cards. But the cornerstone of this ecosystem, in terms of payments, is Apple Pay.

After several years of successful operation, it is considered a promising future for the financial system, because the cooperation between Apple and Goldman Sachs has a positive impact on the users’ financial deals, including savings.

Becoming a part of this ecosystem means taking advantage of the financial system Apple is building, which is as secure as every other Apple product.

User Loyalty Means a Lot :-

Gaming, media, and other companies always work hard on increasing their website traffic which is a significant component for any business that makes money from user engagements.

However, mobile apps stay closer to your customers, right at their fingertips. One advantage of prioritizing your app for the App Store first is user loyalty, which Apple achieved in several decades.

In fact, iPhone users are loyal to their device and the ecosystem. This loyalty can become a positive factor for any app that has a good rating in the App Store, which is the only place where iPhone users visit to look for an app.

From the marketing perspective, this can be considered a ready user base, that loves the Apple ecosystem and is always happy to utilize the apps that are highly integrated into that ecosystem, including the shortcuts and widgets that are incredibly flexible tools for the users, and the creative approach from developers can unlock their full potential.

On top of this, always take into account your customers’ preferences and analyze the geographical factor, since there may be a lot of differences, and you may find out that along with all these advantages for an App Store application, your business needs to target locations where people mostly use Android phones.

In that case, just follow your customers, and be where they are.

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