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Benefits Of Installing Your Own SMTP Server For Email Marketing

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain


Benefits Of Installing Your Own SMTP Server For Email Marketing

Many modern business owners are increasingly choosing to install their own SMTP server today. Depending on your own business goals, you too can decide whether or not to opt of your very own SMTP server. This article is going to help you understand how having your SMTP server can be advantageous. Let us find out more.

  • If you use a 3rd party SMTP server, then you would be limited in terms of sending a limited number of bulk mails. This is due to the fact that each server has a threshold of sending emails from a particular address. But if you have your own server, then you can easily eliminate the problem and set a threshold according to your requirements.
  • You would know the exact status of the email sent. Whether they were delivered, blacklisted or bounced back, you would have an idea about everything that happens with it.
  • While setting up your own email sending architecture, you may choose which technology to use for your server. For example, you can choose email protocol SMTP, IMAP or POP3.
  • Your whole customer base, i.e., your email list would be kept private to your server and would be under your full control.
  • Depending on 3rd parties can affect the deliverability of your emails. Having your own SMTP server, you would not have to be held back by the restrictions put up by anyone else. Due to server sharing, your email deliverability can get compromised if the 3rd party performs any spamming activities.
  • At the initial stage, you might find that setting up your SMTP server for email marketing is a costly decision. But in the long run, you would be able to save a lot of money and the best thing is that you would be able to take independent decisions about your bulk emails without depending on any 3rd party.
  • The worst thing about the shared server is that you might get blocked because of another marketer. Being on the same server, if another marketer is marked as spam, your mails would also be called spam and would end up in the spam folder. You would need to be very careful not to be filtered as spam in case of a shared server, but the risk would always be associated.
  • Faster delivery and receipt of emails is another advantage that your own server would provide you with.
  • You would not have to pay anything extra as per user mailbox charges, which is though small but an offsetting cost.
  • When you use a 3rd party SMTP server, then you would have a waiting period for making any change in your customer list. But with your server, you would do that anytime without any delay.

Another very significant benefit of having your SMTP server is that it offers full privacy and control on your bulk email sending capabilities and list. You would never have to worry about the security aspects or depend on anyone else to send out bulk emails to promote your business. So getting your SMTP server can be a great investment for your business.

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