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Basic Designers Mistakes When Creating Business Cards

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain


Basic Designers Mistakes When Creating Business Cards

Want to learn how to create business cards or want to check how successful the name cards are in your pocket? Learn the rules of business card design with simple tips from our editorial team.


  • Choose a font
  • Think of a layout
  • Do not fulfill with unnecessary
  • Design rules of blocks

Choose a font

One of the basic rules of business cards design is a careful selection of fonts. Some novices go to extremes and try to use several artistic headsets with graphic effects. This only spoils the perception of information and the appearance of the card.

What to know when choosing fonts:

  • Choose no more than two fonts for one business card.
  • Visually assess whether they fit together.
  • Try to avoid effects (underline, glow, twist): this is not suitable for any text.
  • Do not deform the font by stretching it, compressing it, having a semicircle: this way the text will look like a "fashionable" hi from the beginning of zero.

Think over the layout

Conditionally, the text of the business card can be divided into several blocks, each of which meets different tasks. Blocks can be: personal data (name, surname, patronymic), position, phone numbers, name in the messenger, address, index, e-mail, list of services, logo.

Business card design rules help to correctly place accents on these blocks so that the recipient understands where to look first. For this purpose, a grid is drawn in the program, text and images are distributed among the cells. The use of markup at the stage of make-up allows to prevent the text from being close to the edges and the blocks sticking together.

Do not fulfill with unnecessary

If the rules of business cards design are not observed, there may be problems with the readability of not only a single font, but the entire layout. Of course, you may have skillfully prepared blocks with readable font and minimal effects, but the overall impression will be spoilt by unnecessary effects on the background, you can easily check it with a business card mockup.

Remember that the main tasks of the background are the accent and the transfer of corporate identity, helping to convey information quickly and clearly. It is recommended to abandon fancy textures, shadows, 3D effects and backgrounds full of small details. If you want to make your business card solid, refuse to print three-dimensional drawings in favor of investing in expensive printing material (eg, transparent plastic, paper with a matte surface).

Design rules of blocks

Highlight your first and last name. Think of the design so that the name, last name are in a prominent place - on the top, left, or center - and are highlighted in large print. You can also use a different headset as an accent, with a clear, serif-free font that is easier to read.

We hope that the simple rules of business card design will help in the competent creation of original cards!

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