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Android - How to Protect Your Smartphone

Last Updated On Thursday, Dec 21, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain


Android - How to Protect Your Smartphone

That smartphone in your hand contains your life - personal conversations, banking information, private photos.

For something so small, it holds immense amounts of data you certainly don't want getting into the wrong hands. Protecting your mobile device is absolutely essential in this day and age.

What steps can you take to lock down your Android and keep out the bad actors? This guide presents some useful tips to bolster the security of your device.

Use a Screen Lock :-

You should absolutely be using a screen lock passcode, pattern, or password to control access to your phone.

This prevents prying eyes from easily unlocking and snooping through your apps and accounts if your device is misplaced, stolen, or left unattended even briefly.

Take time to configure a unique, hard to guess series of numbers, shapes, letters, or words and enable screen lock.

Make it long and complex. Every month or two, put thought into changing it up to something fresh. A strong screen lock goes a long way toward shielding you from unauthorized intrusion.

Encrypt Your Phone :-

Encryption on mobile devices scrambles and secures data by essentially locking it behind an unbreakable password only you know.

When encryption is enabled, no one can pull information from your phone without putting in your passcode or authentication info.

Journey into your settings and navigate to the Security section. Locate the option to encrypt your phone and turn it on.

You'll be prompted to enter a PIN or password that will be required on startup before your phone finishes booting up each time.

This prevents accessing the device or any data on it without that key. Encryption provides robust protection should your phone fall into malicious hands.

Enable Find My Device :-

Losing your mobile device is every owner's nightmare. Whether it's misplaced somewhere in your home or worse - stolen right out of your hands while you're out and about.

Google provides a handy service called Find My Device that can potentially help recover your lost Android phone. Turn it on in your Security settings.

If your device goes missing, you can use Find My Device to remotely lock it, preventing the thief from easily resetting it.

You can also locate it by making it ring loudly, and even wipe all data from afar if recovery seems impossible.

Lastly, you can restore any synced contacts in the aftermath. Having Find My Device enabled gives you important options if disaster ever strikes and your mobile goes missing.

Be Wary of Public WiFi :-

The free public WiFi networks available in coffee shops, hotels, airports, and other locations are incredibly convenient for getting quick internet access on the go.

However, they also often lack security and expose your browsing to eavesdropping.

When connected to an unsecured public network, refrain from logging into any sensitive accounts like email, banking, etc.

Also avoid transmitting personal details or data over the connection when possible. If you must conduct private business through a public hotspot, run it through a VPN app to encrypt the traffic and add a layer of protection.

In general, steer clear of sensitive activities over public WiFi, as you never know who could be spying on the unsecured connection.

Avoid Sideloading :-

Now when it comes to getting new apps, you've gotta be smart. The Google Play Store is like a reputable department store - you can trust the apps there have been vetted to be safe.

But downloading apps anywhere else online is like buying electronics from some random guy's trunk in an alleyway. Risky business!

This "sideloading" apps from sketchy unknown sources is just asking for trouble. You leave yourself totally vulnerable to viruses and malware since these apps haven't gone through any security screening.

Unless you 100% know and trust where the app is coming from, I'd steer clear of sideloading. Don't take unnecessary risks by downloading apps outside the legit Play Store.

That's just tempting fate and leaving yourself wide open to attacks.

Install AntiVirus :-

One of the best things you can do is install antivirus software on your phone. Think of it like hiring a bodyguard to watch your back.

There are some good free options out there like AVG Antivirus and Avast Mobile Security. You may also want to check which antivirus McAfee or Norton is better for your needs.

Grab one of those, and let it work its magic. It'll scan new apps you download and run full checks on your system every once in a while.

What Now? :-

Don't wait until it's too late - start implementing better security practices now to lock down that valuable information and gain peace of mind.

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