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A Review Of QuickBlox Chat SDKs And APIs

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain


A Review Of QuickBlox Chat SDKs And APIs

Finding a reputable company to use in this day in age is no easy feat. As a mobile app developer, there may be many third-party companies who you need work alongside and whose products you need to implement to complete your service to a high standard.

This is quite the responsibility, as if your third party lets you down, it’s likely going to be you that suffers for it.

Their failures will result in your losses, and their successes will result in your gains. If you choose a third party that doesn’t specialise in your field, you will likely come across compatibility issues that mean your product doesn’t perform as it should with the sophistication it needs.

Reputation is a tricky thing to maintain, so you need to do all you can to protect it from damage that could be incurred by forming a partnership with the wrong third party.

Evidently, it needs be more than a quick, haphazard decision when it comes to choosing third party companies to work with and software to include.

It takes time, effort, and a great deal of research to find a company in whom you can rest your trust. You need to find a company that is reputable, experienced, and successful in their field if you want to achieve the same in yours.

Many mobile app developers now need to implement some kind of chat feature in their client’s mobile apps in order to enhance engagement and improve the user experience.

Communication is vital to success and in-app chat features make that easy and straight forward. Developing such a feature is not always quite as simple.

To make things easier, you need to implement a chat SDK, or software development kit, to give the tools you need to make this a whole lot quicker, easier, and profitable.

If you go to search for a company offering chat SDKs and APIs, you will likely be inundated with results of potential providers.

That can feel overwhelming to consider and it may put you off from making the commitment all together, however that is only going to hinder your progress as a developer.

So, how can you find a third-party provider of chat SDKs and APIs that is going to work for you and your business goals?

With some research, you will find a provider that offers the features you need. One such provider is the leading white label solution QuickBlox.

QuickBlox SDK and API are in use with various developers already and by analysing their results and reading their reviews, you can decide if this could be the company for you.

What Do QuickBlox Offer?

Chatting – the new form of communication that is instant, simple and effective. With the right solution, you can build a powerful chat tool for a web and mobile app using chat SDK and chat API.

Live chats and real-time conversations are especially effective in enhancing user engagement and business communication.

The customer service experience is improved, and their trust is developed as they feel listened to and responded to.

With the addition of extra features tailored to the unique business, it will improve the customers experience and boost the company image.

Personalised push notifications, the ability to share videos and other files, and even the integration of chat bot will all work together to create a feature rich chat platform that will drive engagement and subsequent sales.

A comprehensive SDK will allow the development of both public and private chats so people can talk either one to one or as a group.

This flexibility has uses for developers in every industry, from doctor consultations to collaborative team discussions. These chats and message history is safely stored to bolster the customers confidence.

Compliance - Any chat software provider must guarantee compliance with data laws and regulations so that all the data that you as the developer gain and store is done in accordance with these laws.

QuickBlox are one of the many providers that work hard to ensure this. Security is ensured with encrypted messages that protect businesses and their customers.

The chat API in particular benefits from extra security features such as screening for viruses and detection of intrusion.

Additionally, with a system like that provided by QuickBlox, the ability to install it directly on to a developer’s cloud environment means that you retain complete control over your data.

End to end encryption is a topic on many people’s minds at the moment due to the prevalence of data issues and security risks.

With this built into a chat solution through the use of SDKs and APIs, confidence is built and maintained in the security and safety of the system.

Coding – a good chat solution needs to work across various devices and operating systems, requiring the need to work on various platforms.

QuickBlox offers this versatility in having chat SDK for Android, iOS and JavaScript for the web. Whatever app you need to develop, you will be sure to find an SDK for the job.

Features to Look For

Many users, particularly those in the sectors of banking, finance, healthcare and finance, are choosing QuickBlox and similar providers due to the quality of WebRTC-enabled voice and video calling available.

This is a feature that many businesses look for, but not all solutions provide. With the ability to integrate with a user-management platform, the data collected through the app service is more organised and usable.

To keep the chat platform toxic free and safe to all users, moderation and profanity filters are a must. Not only is this safer for the user but it reflects better on the business too.

In order to keep the content relevant and beneficial, it’s also important to protect against spam messages and for the business and developer to maintain a level of control over the conversations held on the platform.

Providers like QuickBlox and others can do all of this for you. With a little homework, you will find the one that works for you.

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