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A Guide for the Unmotivated Student - How to Stay Thrilled After the First Week in College

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain


A Guide for the Unmotivated Student - How to Stay Thrilled After the First Week in College

There’s something about the start of the academic semester that makes most students thrilled and excited to be there. Whether it’s some cute supplies, new textbooks or getting back to your pals after a while, you’re always enthusiastic about day one. Positive vibes can be felt here and there. But then comes week two and you start losing interest in campus buzz and slacking off. Where has the motivation gone? Let’s see what you can do to stay on track once you fall into the new semester.

#1 Remind Yourself What Your Personal Goal Is

For some students, they just want to get an MA or PHD degree for the experience while others work towards progress in a specific field of study. Either way, make sure to remind yourself why you’re on that way. There’s a particular reason why you or your family is paying a bunch of money for higher education. By doing so, you will feel encouraged to stay motivated and inspired until the end.

#2 Build an Organized Schedule

One of the key steps to academic success is related to staying organized. Following a properly organized schedule of tasks and classes will take some of the stress off your shoulders. Feel free to use free online apps as your daily reminders for busy college weeks.

#3 Give Yourself Mental Breaks

Chances are you’re going to burn out if you spend countless hours and days in the library. Make sure to provide yourself with the so-called mental break. Go to the gym, meet your beloved one for coffee or call your relatives. An hour or two will enable your brain to restart in order to remain focused when you finally get back to the study session.

#4 Find a Study Partner

Dealing with your essays, movie reviews, business reports, and research papers on your own can drive you crazy. By choosing a trustworthy study partner, you will get an opportunity to communicate your ideas, take a look at the brand-new perspectives and make studying less painful. What is more important, a reliable study partner holds you accountable. Check each other’s progress and cope with the assignments that you’d most likely skip in any other case.

#5 Ask for Emergency Help

Like it or not, but you can’t cope with all the tasks that you get during the week. Luckily, you have an opportunity to approach any 24 hour essay writing service available on the web that specializes in providing students with professional writing assistance. Delegate your tough assignments to proficient writers, who can solve your problems for a reasonable sum of money.

#6 Keep Away from Social Media

Nowadays students spend alarming amounts of time on social media, which is turning into a real addiction. It doesn’t mean that you have to turn off your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Just make sure to keep away from gossiping during the study sessions. Diving into endless comments will become a major distraction, so ensure to check them later when you’re done with your assignments.

#7 Explore Other Environments for Work

Without a doubt, you find your room the most comfortable place on earth to work on that essay or term paper. There’s nothing wrong with writing your academic paper at your desk for an hour or two but make certain to search for other environments like café or library. The point is that studying at home can interfere seriously with finding the separation between your home routine and student life. When you’re in your room, it usually feels like home, where you’re supposed to throw those books away and relax after a long day.

Finally, do not let failures take your eyes off your goals. The reality is that we all can face setback more often than not. If today is not going as planned, don’t get discouraged! Failure can turn into a great opportunity to check what exactly went wrong and apply your knowledge to guarantee success in the nearest academic future. Ensure to keep reminding yourself that things are going to be alright in the end, and you can do better if you stand up and fight.

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