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A Complete Guide to Enterprise Wi-Fi Solutions

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain


A Complete Guide to Enterprise Wi-Fi Solutions

Before coming to the guide to Enterprise Wi-Fi solutions, it is necessary to go through a few statistics that will prove why a stable and robust Wi-Fi network is critical in the modern business environment.

In the US alone, almost 224 million smartphone users spend an average of five hours a day interacting on their little handheld devices every day. Of this segment, businesses account for a significant part of the users and customers are increasingly expecting retail stores, restaurants, hotels and hospitals to provide Wi-Fi access.

Further, 98% of small businesses today use wireless technology as part of their daily operations, and two-thirds of them say that they would not survive without it. Hence, it is easily seen that businesses would see a lag in operational efficiencies without a good Wi-Fi system to back them up. This aspect is more so for those dependent on cloud-based applications, the Internet of Things (IoT) and a BYOD culture. It is necessary that they are always on the Internet and the slightest delay in connectivity can lead to severe setbacks.

Fortunately, businesses have the option of enterprise Wi-Fi to get around any connectivity issues. Tech Support, for example, provides technologically advanced Wi-Fi solutions for enterprises that offer next-gen stability and support. For more, visit

What Is Enterprise Wi-Fi :-

A home Wi-Fi system consists of a modem and a router with power that is enough for gaming and streaming so long as multiple users do not simultaneously demand large amounts of bandwidth. The same equipment would break down in an office building, hotels, airports or any other commercial premises. What is needed is a system that is robust enough to handle the increased pressure without caving in, and this is where enterprise-level Wi-Fi systems come into the picture.

These connections are different from the usual consumer networks and can support larger loads without suffering dropped signals. They also use slightly different management methods and protocols. Access to these systems is controlled by an administrator who ensures that linking up is reserved for authorised users only.

The Distinctiveness of Enterprise Wi-Fi :-

Certain unique features define enterprise Wi-Fi.

  • Enterprise Wi-Fi is designed and developed for high-density use. Multiple access points are built-into the system.
  • All such Wi-Fi networks are scalable to meet demand in tune with business growth and development. This is very critical as it is not possible to change whole networks every few years or so with substantial investments.
  • Enterprise Wi-Fi networks are equipped to handle networks of large sizes that can take care of both company operations and customer access simultaneously. However, companies prefer to segregate access points for business and clients to ensure security and confidentiality of data and records.
  • An enterprise wireless access point is robust enough to run continuously round the clock to support business operations. It is also designed to last longer than other consumer equipment.
  • There is a wide range of options to link up various access points.
  • An administrator can control the full system from a single hub. It permits businesses to not only optimise their internal Wi-Fi network but also provide customers with an increased and reliable level of connectivity.
  • Service providers offer dependable round the clock tech support to take care of quick fixes and any maintenance issues.

Essentials In An Enterprise Setup :-

The equipment used in an enterprise setup is far different from the usual network installed at home or in any small office premises with limited staff and customers and usage. While it is true that enterprise-grade equipment requires a significant investment, it is something that will pay back in the long run. Large companies cannot afford to compromise with slow access speeds and reliability.

These are the three essentials in an enterprise level Wi-Fi setup.

  • Corporate Routers – While consumer solutions are designed to last a few years before being replaced, the routers used in corporate environments are meant to last for long even after round the clock usage. They are relatively stable and maintenance free.
  • Access Points – Multi-node connectivity, also known as mesh networks use multiple access points for providing consistent quality across the network. A person in a large office building may move out of the active signal area of a node only to be automatically connected to the nearest and next commercial wireless access point. This is the reason why large businesses have additional access points to eliminate dead zones by overlapping the area covered by each node.
  • System Management – The easiest way to manage a business level Wi-Fi network is to control all access points and SSIDs from one central location, thereby preventing problems that might arise from clashing SSID settings. Access control is a critical aspect of system management. Employee SSIDs and those of clients should be segregated for greater security and data and records protection. This aspect can be easily taken care of through a special guest login.

Placement of Enterprise Wi-Fi system :-

The design of an enterprise Wi-Fi solution should be such that it takes care of potential bottlenecks and obstructions to good signals. Places with obstacles such as furniture and thick walls should have more antenna arrays and access points. It is advisable to call in the experts first to survey the premises and have heat maps and signal maps done to identify potential interference. Further, access points should be placed as high up as possible during installation to get around the possibility of any signal blockage.

Finally, have a dual-band setup. It will make sure that the network automatically switches to the least congested channel during times of heavy use and also ensure an additional backup should one set of equipment fail.

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