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5 Tips To Automate Your Ecommerce Business Tasks And Streamline Your Operations

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain


5 Tips To Automate Your Ecommerce Business Tasks And Streamline Your Operations

Are you looking to increase efficiency and streamline your ecommerce business operations?

You’re not alone.

According to survey data on online shoppers in the U.S., 22% abandoned their carts because they were frustrated with the company’s slow delivery times.

While many things can impact delivery time and quality, some of the biggest factors are inefficient and manual processes.

The million-dollar question is, how do you run your ecommerce business efficiently and increase customer satisfaction?

The answer: automate your manual and tedious ecommerce business tasks.

Automating certain processes can save you time and resources.

It frees your team to focus on more important tasks, from budget planning to developing strategies to promote your ecommerce brand to millennials and Gen Z.

Let’s go over these five tips on automating your ecommerce business tasks and streamlining your operations.

1. Calculate shipping costs automatically

Automating your shipping cost calculation can be a huge time-saver in streamlining your order fulfillment and delivery workflows.

After all, manually calculating shipping costs for small businesses can take a lot of time and effort.

Automating the process is a more practical option since it offers the following benefits for your ecommerce business.

  • Improved customer experience. Customers expect accurate and transparent shipping costs at checkout. Automating the calculation of shipping costs can help ensure your customers receive accurate shipping quotes and are not surprised by additional fees at checkout.
  • Better budgeting. Automation can help you more accurately predict and budget shipping expenses, which can be a significant cost for your ecommerce business.
  • Reduced costs. Automatically calculating shipping costs can help you find cost-effective shipping options and negotiate better rates with carriers.

Using reliable shipping software is one of the best ways to automate shipping cost calculations.

For example, free shipping software Veeqo provides tools for smarter and streamlined shipping.

The software can sync your orders from marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, and Etsy and automatically selects the best shipping rates for each item based on weight and size.

Automate your shipping cost calculation process and find the best tool for your business.

5 Tips to Automate Your Ecommerce Business Tasks and Streamline Your Operations

2. Set up a customer relationship management system

Efficiently managing your customer relationships is crucial to your business’s success.

Seamless customer relationship management can streamline your marketing, sales, and customer service processes.

The tips below suggest how to leverage CRM to automate critical parts of your ecommerce business.

  • Integrate your CRM with your ecommerce platform. Incorporating your CRM with your ecommerce platform allows you to import customer data and purchase history automatically. It helps you better understand your customers and give focus to your marketing efforts, including informing your strategy on creating engaging content.
  • Set up automated email campaigns. A CRM can help you implement automated email campaigns based on customer interactions and purchases. For example, you can use a CRM’s gathered data and automation features to send customers a thank you email after purchasing. Another example is sending a reminder email to customers who abandoned their carts.
  • Automate customer support inquiries resolution. CRMs offer tools to manage and track customer support inquiries so your team can resolve issues promptly. You can also use a CRM to set up automated responses to common customer queries, freeing your customer support team to focus on more complex issues.
  • Use a CRM to segment your customer base. Robust CRM systems can segment your customers based on various criteria, such as location, purchase history, and customer interests. Specific audience groups can help you tailor your marketing efforts better and provide a more personalized customer experience.

Use a CRM to automate vital parts of your ecommerce business operations while saving time, improving customer satisfaction, and streamlining your workflows.

3. Identify the manual tasks to automate

Determine which tasks in your ecommerce business make the most sense to automate. Some examples of tasks you can easily automate include the following:

  • Inventory management. Use an automated inventory management system to keep track of your stock levels, reorder items when necessary, and even send low-stock alerts to your team.
  • Marketing and advertising. Advertising and marketing task automation can help you reach your target audience more efficiently and effectively. Streamline tasks such as creating and scheduling social media posts, email campaigns, and ad campaigns through platforms with robust automation features.Automation can speed up the implementation of your content publishing strategy and drive results faster.
  • Financial management: Optimize your accounting and bookkeeping processes with automation. Automate critical yet tedious tasks, such as invoicing, payment processing, and financial report generation.For example, accounting software QuickBooks offers a suite of tools to automate your financial tasks. The software integrates with many major payment processing providers, so you won’t need to track the payments coming into your account manually.

    5 Tips to Automate Your Ecommerce Business Tasks and Streamline Your Operations

  • Social media management. Handle social media management tasks seamlessly by scheduling your posts to auto-publish on optimal times and dates. Use reliable social media management software such as SocialPilot, Hootsuite, and Vista Social.

4. Use a task management tool

Task management tools provide a centralized platform for efficiently organizing, prioritizing, and completing tasks.

The platform can help you run an efficient ecommerce business by:

  • Automating workflows. Task management tools let you set up automated workflows for marketing project tracking, event reminders in your calendar, task assignments, and more. You can set the workflows to trigger based on your pre-set conditions.
  • Integrating with other tools. Some task management tools can integrate with other platforms, such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and accounting software. It can help streamline your tasks by allowing the tools to communicate with each other and share data automatically.
  • Providing real-time updates. Project and task management platforms can give live updates of your key task’s status, allowing you to track progress and identify any bottlenecks in your processes.
  • Enabling collaboration. Work with your team members seamlessly with a task management tool’s collaboration features.

Use reliable task management platforms such as to automate your ecommerce business workflows. You can also use a alternative, such as ClickUp and Wrike.

5 Tips to Automate Your Ecommerce Business Tasks and Streamline Your Operations

5. Update your ecommerce product listings automatically

Automating your product listing updates can save you significant time since you won't need to update each listing to include changes manually.

It can also help improve your listings’ accuracy since you won't need to rely on manual updates that could potentially introduce errors.

Plus, up-to-date product listings can help increase sales since customers are more likely to buy items from stores with the latest, accurate product information.

Leverage tools that let you automate exporting product information.

For example, ExportYourStore lets you automatically export products, listings, and updates from a primary store and sync everything across your connected channels.

The platform’s features include advanced rules customization and automation for exporting and syncing your listings.

Learn more when you read this comprehensive review of ExportYourStore.

Speed up your ecommerce business operations with automation

Following reliable tips and using the best automation tools can help you focus on growing and scaling your business instead of spending more time on tedious, manual tasks.

There's always room to improve your processes and run your business more smoothly as your business grows.

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