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3 Best CMS For Web Developers

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain

Web Development

3 Best CMS For Web Developers

If you're just getting into web development or you're thinking of expanding your skill set, these are the three content management systems with the highest demand and the lowest barriers to entry.

Why Open Source?

As a web developer, no matter your skill level, working with a popular, open source CMS allows you to interact with a community of like-minded and high-level developers (as well as some people you may be able to share your skills with.)

This allows you to develop professional skills and receive support in a low-pressure environment. Further, open-source projects are some of the most popular worldwide. The following three Content Management Systems are in high demand and are projected to be now and in the near future.


What powers more than 33% of the web worldwide? WordPress. You've heard of it, you knew it would be at least mentioned in this article.

WordPress attributes its popularity to many things but most important is ease of use. Its famous 5-minute install is something many people still use and remember (even though in the last few years majority web hosts have made one-click installs possible.)

This is one platform that is growing by the day. Yes, there are 14,000 free design templates out there and even more extensions. But all of those variables make qualified web developers essential to keeping all of those websites up and running from small boutique shops to firms offering digital marketing services.


Drupal's strength is how light it is. At its most basic, this is something that's agile and quick. However, improperly put together it can be a mashup of poorly coded modules and, in short, a nightmare for anyone trying to use it.

This may be why the community surrounding Drupal is so robust. There are many well-done modules out there. They can be added to any Drupal installation, and this does make a great start to any social or community-centric website.


In terms of business websites built with open source CMS systems, TYPO3 is the second most popular, just behind Wordpress. This is a CMS designed to make the most of e-commerce. It's more complicated than Wordpress by far and has better support than Drupal. It's also considered more powerful and even ideal for enterprise solutions. That is if the right developers are there to guide the project.

If you're looking for something that requires real expertise to get right and allows you to work within an agency to provide IT support, learning the TYPO3 CMS is a great option.

In Summary, Learning A CMS Is a Valuable Skill

There is a CMS behind over half of all websites online right now. Once you know how to handle one of these systems, your prospects increase. Further, if you learn one of the above systems, you can rest assured that your skills won't go to waste. These are three CMS systems that have stood the test of time, at least for the last few decades, and are still managing to grow in popularity.

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