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ProxyCrawl Review - Scrape Websites & Stay Anonymous With It

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain

Web Crawler

ProxyCrawl Review - Scrape Websites & Stay Anonymous With It

If you want to stay anonymous while browsing and scraping any website for data whether the websites are built using different platform and with full of JavaScript, the ProxyCrawl is here that crawl any web page and helps you scraping all websites you require without showing your identification and keeps you anonymous.

What is Website Scraping?

It is a method used by web developers to extracts large amounts of data from any website you need. This method helps to save the time of developers so that they do not need to visit these sites and manually log all of the data themselves.

Why Scrape a Website is needed?

To not waste your time if you need to make a calculation using massive amounts of data of any given websites example-Finding median income of a particular state or region.

Scrape a website the best method to get required data from given websites and ProxyCrawl helps to do this while being anonymous and bypass restriction by using networks of worldwide proxies.

So today in this article we will review ProxyCrawl which provides best services in scrape almost all website and keep you safe and secure while crawling. ProxyCrawl serves various tools and amazing features with very economical charges.

ProxyCrawl is trusted and more than 1 Billion unique websites have been anonymously crawled safely. So If you are beginner or expert, just sign up and start data extraction from all over the website you need with the most trusted and featured services provider that is ProxyCrawl.

How to start with ProxyCrawl:-

ProxyCrawl Review

Starting with ProxyCrawl and creating your first crawling project is very easy, after successfully sign up you will have to follow instructions accordingly as per your requirements.

API Integration

  • To start service, first we need to proceed API integration to making anonymous and safe request
  • ProxyCrawl provides API documentation in seconds.
  • They have created such an integrating ProxyCrawl tools in terms of making our scraping projects very easy and understandable.
  • As first 1k requests are free so you can test the system before executing heavy crawling.
  • The rate of API is 20 request/sec/token (JavaScript & Normal requests are different)
  • If you request more limit than it can be increased
  • As request limit is exceed the API will respond 429 status codes
  • Proxycrawl recommends use API in concurrent mode

ProxyCrawl Review

Base URL

All API URL's would be look like this or you can say it start with this

URL Parameters

Make sure the structure of URL must be starts with HTTP or HTTPS. For both request (Normal & JavaScript requests) you have 2 authentication tokens. Use JavaScript token where the content of crawled website is Java scripted or dynamically generated.


It indicates 2 response format “Json” or “HTML” (HTML is default)

User Agent

After passing request with custom user agent ProxyCrawl server forwards it to the requested URL.


Here you have two available options "Desktop" & "Mobile". This is an optional parameter use if you want request from a specific device.


After sending request to ProxyCrawl you will get a response either “Json” or “html” (html is default: as we discussed above)

Example of Json response ProxyCrawl Review

Example of html response ProxyCrawl Review

Original Status

Here status indicates response received by ProxyCrawl during crawling the URL sent in request


This parameter is found only in Json format , in case of html this format will be the body of the response itself.

Account Settings:-

After completing API Integration you will be here on Account setting where you must choose tokens (Account tokens). These two authentication token are available; one for normal and second one for JavaScript requests.

ProxyCrawl Review

Billing Information:-

As you completed account tokens process, you need to fill your billing information with your Debit or Credit card (Payment transaction is completely safe and secure).

ProxyCrawl Web Crawling / scraping Features Overview:-

Easy To Use

Whether you are beginner and thinking to get the services for web scraping, ProxyCrawl serves you easiest way to execute the process with full customer support and notifications. After signing up and activate your account, you will get easy user interface where you can get step by step information on how to access.

Hide Your Identity

It provides you safe and secure web crawling process. It keeps you anonymous while crawling and scraping data from given websites.

Supports All Websites

With massively crawl websites, ProxyCrawl helps to get you data mining projects with no worry about proxies . It supports all websites for data extracting/web scraping such as scrape Amazon, Yandex, Facebook and Yahoo and many more.

Extract Data From Dynamic Website

Using ProxyCrawl web scraper, JavaScript dynamically pages (React, Angular, Vue, Ember, Meteor, etc) can be crawled easily. Web scraper navigates the site and extracts required data in form of table, text images and many more.

ProxyCrawl Review

Easily Use API & Instant Validation

It serves you fast crawling services because of easy to use API built and instant validation that helps to crawl the web in minutes and save the time of Developer.

ProxyCrawl Review

ProxyCrawl Affiliates

This feature is cool you get free requests and may earn money by sharing ProxyCrawl.

ProxyCrawl Plans & Pricing:-

As we know that many of web scraping service providers charge a lot but ProxyCrawl charges cheap, economical and easily affordable prices and plans that fits according your requirements. For regular pages and java Scripts pages charges are different.

  • It sounds great that ProxyCrawl gives you various offers and plans with simple pricing
  • There is no hidden fees and charges for small and big projects
  • No long-term contracts
  • You may pause your work at any time, there will be no charge for this
  • You will be charge as you resume your work again
  • First 1,000 requests are completely free for active subscribers
  • All payments gateway are safe and secure for any transaction
  • You will be charge only for successfully requests

ProxyCrawl Review

What's Good About ProxyCrawl:-

  • ProxyCrawl seemed interesting, keep you anonymous while web crawling
  • ProxyCrawl is a amazing tool that provides satisfactory services with great features.
  • All the operations are easy to use and fulfills terms and norms legally
  • They offer JavaScript pages parsing, that enable crawling website built with react.js or angular
  • Tried different services that were expensive but ProxyCrawl charges are affordable.
  • An API endpoint enables you to crawl web anonymously whenever you call
  • Last but not least, they protect and serve you safe and secure functionality along with 24*7 experienced customer support.