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PBN LTD Review - One Of The Best PBN & PBN Hosting Services

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain


PBN LTD Review - One Of The Best PBN & PBN Hosting Services

Since there are so many hosting alternatives available, you may be uncertain about which one is best for you. As a result, I have tested most of the popular products on the market, and I will explain my experiences with each one.

With so many hosting services and hosting providers out there, it is always a tough decision to choose the best one.

Currently, PBN hosting (a type of hosting) is one of the hottest topics among SEOs. In light of recent reports that a major SEO hosting company went on a deindexing binge, many SEOs are searching for more secure alternatives.

That's how it should be. Is there any way to recover de-indexed domain? Yes, but it is always better to protect it in the first place. PBN deindexation is mainly concerned with hosting, assuming your PBNs do not have footprints.

Therefore, it is very crucial to have good hosting.

Ok, now we know what type of hosting service we need i.e. PBN hosting but choosing the right hosting provider is as difficult as choosing the right hosting service.

Luckily, for you, we have done the research and there is one website that stood out from the rest. Let’s dive deep and found out why it stood out from the rest.

What Is PBN LTD? :-

PBN LTD Review

In line with its name, PBN LTD offers PBN hosting services with a lot of features. With your PBNs hosted with PBN hosting, you'll ensure that server-side fingerprints are never left in your PBNs.

Hosting with PBN gives you the freedom to choose from a range of high-quality hosting providers while still managing everything from a single dashboard, leaving no server-side traces.

As technology has developed, numerous businesses have begun to offer PBN hosting.

But when an industry experiences huge growth in a short time, there is always a lack of resources.

Although a lot of companies have started providing PBN hosting services, there is still a lot of gaps to be filled, especially when most of the service providers does not provide enough features.

And, because of this, we have said that PBN. lts stand from the rest. You will get to know more when we discuss some of the key features of PBN LTD. Let's find out some of the key features.

Some Key Features Of PBN LTD :-

Although we cannot say “some of the key features” because every feature it provides is premium and top-notch, we need to find the best features.

Therefore, we have researched hard to tell you the best features of PBN LTD, which makes it the top order PBN service provider.

1. Unlimited Bandwidth and Disk Space

PBN LTD Review

When we look at other hosting providers, In their popular plans, they provide everything except unlimited bandwidth and as a result, we forcefully had to pay more and switch to premium service when clearly we don’t need them.

PBN LTD is not like them, it provides unlimited bandwidth and disk space to furnish you with uninterrupted progress.

You can upload as many videos, photos and data as you can without a single doubt. You don’t need to switch plans or pay more to enjoy the service, everything is crystal clear, Unlimited Bandwidth means truly unlimited Bandwidth.

2. One of the fastest WordPress and static HTML optimized servers in the industry

PBN LTD Review

More than 70% of interest websites are running on WordPress. It is true to say that WordPress is the unbeatable king of the industry.

With almost every website is running on WordPress, PBN LTD web servers are highly optimized for static HTML and WordPress.

Thus, it provides a more convenient experience. As the web servers are optimized for WordPress, they load much faster than others and give a fast user experience.

3. Backups and Instant Restores

PBN LTD Review

What would happen if out of nowhere you lose some of your data or blogs? To protect users of this type of condition, PBN LTD has come up with a solution.

They provide free daily backups to protect your site and instantly restore features to make it available any time.

Not only that but it is free with all the available plans. Therefore, you don't need to spend more or switch plans to avail of this feature.

They keep everything safe and secure, you can find the backup in the hosting app itself.

4. One-click domain change

PBN LTD Review

Confused with the domain you have chosen? Want to change it? Well, you can do it and that too with a single click with PBN LTD’s PBN hosting services.

They provide a one-click domain change solution for those who are unsure of their domain name.

Previously it was hectic and time-consuming to change a domain name, you might have to wait days for the process to be done.

Now, it’s as easy as clicking a single button. So, you don't need to worry about your domain name as you can change it any time, at any place and you can find more features here

Advantages Of PBN LTD :-

We have gone through some of the features but there should be some benefits of using PBN LTD’s services? Well, there are a plethora of advantages with PBN LTD.

Here are some of them

1. Plans and Pricing: Affordable package for all

PBN LTD Review

When we talk about cheap, we think about scams. Similarly, when we talk about premium, we think about expensive.

But what if we tell you, you will get both types of packages under the same reputed brand name? Sounds exciting right? provides a vast range of packages according to your needs.

All the key features, as well as normal features, are available with every plan. You don't need to spend extra bucks to enjoy more premium features.

The only difference between packages is the number of domains and websites hostings available with a plan.

The basic package starts with just 5$ a month for 5 domains or websites and the most premium one costs 1400$ for 2000 domains and websites, which cost you only 0.70$ per PBN site.

You also have the option to select the currency between the dollar, euro and GBP. The basic package also allows you to enjoy a free 14-day trial before purchasing anything. Here are some of the packages

  • PBN 5: Hosting for 5 Domains or websites at just $5 monthly.
  • PBN 10: Hosting for 10 Domains or websites at just $10 monthly.
  • PBN 15: Hosting for 15 Domains or websites at just $15 monthly.
  • PBN 20: Hosting for 20 Domains or websites at just $20 monthly.
  • PBN 25: Hosting for 25 Domains or websites at just $25 monthly.
  • PBN 30: Hosting for 30 Domains or websites at just $30 monthly.
  • PBN 35: Hosting for 35 Domains or websites at just $35 monthly.
  • PBN 40: Hosting for 40 Domains or websites at just $40 monthly.
  • PBN 50: Hosting for 50 Domains or websites at just $50 monthly.

And, the list of packages goes on upto,

  • PBN 1800: Hosting for 1800 Domains or websites at just $1260 monthly.
  • PBN 1900: Hosting for 1900 Domains or websites at just $1330 monthly.
  • PBN 2000: Hosting for 2000 Domains or websites at just $1400 monthly.

Thus, the bigger the package, the lesser the price.

Want more or a different package? You can contact them according to your need and you can also pay quarterly or maybe yearly to enjoy more benefits.

2. 30 Day Money-back Guarantee

PBN LTD Review

There is always a doubt that pops up in our mind before purchasing anything, what if we don’t like it and there is no refund for that.

We might not purchase a package if there is no money-back guarantee. That’s not the case with PBN LTD luckily.

No matter which plans you decide to purchase, you will get a 30-day money-back guarantee for sure.

Whether it’s the most premium 1400$ package or the basic 5$ hosting package, you will get a 30-day money-back guarantee from PBN LTD.

3. Proven Record

PBN LTD Review

You always research about the company before purchasing anything from it right? It’s human nature to do so. For PBN LTD, you will find only the good words on the internet.

PBN LTD has managed to make a name for itself with its astonishing records. Till now, It has hosted more than 31000 PBNS with zero De-indexing rates.

It’s it crazy? 31000 plus PBNS with no De-indexing. That’s why we have said in the starting that it stands from rest.

Not only that but it is also top-rated in popular sites such as TrustPilot with 4.5 stars.

4. Free Advice from experienced experts

PBN LTD Review

Who doesn’t love free things especially when it comes from world-class experts? Whether it's about PBN services or you trying to improve SEO.

You can ask about it with experts for absolutely free. You don't need to pay high prices or enroll in costly webinars to enjoy world-class advice and suggestion from experienced experts.

You can ask them out at any time for free. They will not only suggest you but also make strategies for you to succeed in your online world.

5. Free SSL encryption

PBN LTD Review

It is more of a Cherry on top than an advantage as most providers charge a good amount for an SSL certificate but with PBN LTD, you will get it for free.

SSL certificate is very important encryption for your website. It represents your brand name as safe and secure. Therefore, it is crucial to have SSL encrypted on your website.

Conclusion :-

The PBN has historically been more efficient. Many PBNs also used a good hosting technique and left a lot of imprints on their websites.

PBN hosting is a new type of PBN hosting that allows users to rethink how private blog networks are hosted. And now, PBN hosting are taking over traditional hosting. We can say that they are going to take over the internet shortly.

PBN LTD is the leading PBN hosting service provider company, growing day by day.

It furnishes users with top-notch features such as premium DNS, Scientific algorithm protection, security optimized servers and one-click deployment as well as a waterfall of advantages.

With the proven track record and high rated reviews, it will be the right choice to start with PBN LTD.