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Intellifluence Review - An Effective Influencer Marketing Platform

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain


Intellifluence Review - An Effective Influencer Marketing Platform

"Marketing" It is the basic requirement of any Brand or product let it be a newbie or well-settled brand. Because every business needs the committed consumer network towards their product and adapting good marketing/networking can help any brand connect with their consumers and reach the great heights.

And in the current scenarios, influencer marketing can really help brands connect with a great number of people's. Most probably, you might get curious about "What is Influencer marketing?". So be patient we try to explain everything in this blog.

The Influencer Marketing is now an established standard marketing style with lots of social platforms encouraging the positive growth of influencer marketing along with other types of online/offline marketing.

Influencer marketing entails a company working on advertising one of its goods or services with an online influencer. Some marketing influencers are less tangible – brands work with influencers to improve the recognition of brands.

As we know, the current generation is more active on different social media platforms, so advertising on these social media platforms' with any celebrity or well-known face can really catch lots if the new audience and actually gain a great number of consumers. Basically adapting Influencer marketing can bring a great peak in any of the brand or business.

So a question might arouse in your mind that how to enter in the world of Influencer marketing, we suggest Intellifluence as one of the best influencer marketing platforms.

What Is Intellifluence?

Intellifluence Review

Intellifluence is basically a platform for proper influencer marketing as per the niches of the brand/ business. And it also makes it easier to reach and communicate with any influencers. In some cases, people aren't able to reach perfect influencer for their brand due to lots of issues related to communication and time constraints.

And even sometimes high costing due and overemphasis of celeb's endorsement doesn't allow you to afford them and you leave that, and in such cases too Intellifluence and help you out and can offer you affordable deals for your brand.

Intellifluence has different plans as per your budget and requirement, you just have choose any single package and then you will be entered in the world of Influencer marketing. Intellifluence has great varieties of offers for the brand with any niches.

And based on the brand profile, requirement and budget Intellifluence will offer more than 97k+ influencers with capability of increasing your brand network with great percentage and develop a community of dedicated consumers.

What Intellifluence Do?

Intellifluence Review

From the above context, we have explained Intellifluence working, and now we will be explaining the workflow. Basically, Intellifluence gives you catalogue consisting more than 97k+ creators/influencers you can approach to networking your product/brand.

And once you have handpicked any Influencers after reviewing their profiles, now you can easily connect with them via Intellifluence messaging portal. All messaging work will take place in the same messaging portal so that you won't have to check multiple social/messaging handles for communicating.

Intellifluence Is Beneficial For :-

Intellifluence really makes its simpler for brands to get their products reviewed from the influencers, build great network from influencer networking and increase the sales and network reach.

Intellifluence can really become a blessing for new start-ups. As stronger consumer network a start-up will build during its foundation period it will become more easier to get constantly increasing numbers of consumers.

Also, always going with traditional marketing will not be fruitful for lifetime, so if any brand wants to upgrade from traditional marketing style to influencer marketing, they can also reach Intellifluence and adapt influencer marketing scheme in affordable cost good reach.

What Makes Intellifluence Unique?

Intellifluence Review

Intellifluence is not just a normal influencers marketing website but it offers various unique features which makes it unique from all other influencer marketing platforms.

  • 95K+ Influencers on your fingertips
  • Affordable pricing
  • Customized packages for different requirements
  • Full campaign customization control
  • It has it's own dedicated messaging system
  • Influencers shortlisting option
  • Seamless payment options
  • Campaign assistance by Intellifluence
  • Can host multiple campaign
  • Dedicated account manager (Advanced package only)

Pricing Of Intellifluence :-

Best part of Intellifluence is that, they are taking are taking care of all type of consumers by offering good varieties of pricing schemes as per the budget and requirement.

The pricing ranges between $99 to $599. They offer 3 packages at different pricing, First is "Standard" package at $99 in which only 1 active user will be able to access Intellifluence and will have access to do 3 campaigns and will be able to apply to 50 influencers for promoting the campaign.

Then second package is "Regular" package at $249 in which account will be accessible by 3 active users they can host up to 10 campaigns with up to 100 influencers for promotion. And the last package "Advanced" is of $599.

This account will be accessible by unlimited active and even there will be no limit on number of campaign and you can also reach unlimited influencers for promotion. All the mentioned 3 pricing were monthly pricing. If you want to opt for annual pricing of same type of packages then costing will range between $950 to $5,750.

Intellifluence Review

How To Operate Intellifluence?

So in the above 3 sections, we have discussed what actually Intellifluence does for us and pricing. Now we will be briefly discussing how to create campaign's and your package as per the brand requirement.

  • Firstly you have to buy a premium package, and then log into your Intellifluence account.
  • Now you have to choose the "Campaigns" option from the dashboard and select "New Campaign."
  • Select one for your campaign from the list of provided campaigns list. For this trial, I'm choosing 'Social Review.'
  • Now, pick the social media platform for your campaign that you would like to aim. For this trial we will be going with Instagram.
  • After this a new tab will open up where you can input your campaign information. As you can see, for your campaign, you need to add a name and image. (Based on the information you gave while registering, the device automatically add-up the brand name.)
  • Next, as a part of the campaign, you basically have to direct them what you want them to do. You may also incorporate some important does, don'ts, and whatever you want to direct them.
  • You also see options for inserting a connecting URL as well as visibility options for the campaign when you scroll down.
  • Now you have to compensate and payout to influencers. Let's assume I am going to pay influencers with both cash and product for this trial campaign.
  • After 8th step now you have to decide if the influencer would have to buy a product for the campaign. In addition, you need to specify the product details as well.
  • Now you have to mention how you going send the item, by email (if digital product) or to their mailing address of the influencer. You also have to mention how much you are willing to pay to the influencers for this campaign. You can also select multiple influencers as per your requirement and your package limitation.
  • Now the main work comes is to shortlist influencers as per the requirement. To shortlist them you can include the audience level, specialties, and targeted countries.
  • The site offers influencer depending on the parameters you have entered till now. However, you can even choose influencers manually to your campaign if you don't see an acceptable fit in the suggestions by website.
  • The last step is to provide and confirm all the payment details. Once you’re done, you have to click on “Finish” and hurray!! Now your campaign is successfully created.

And hurrah!!! You have initialized your steps towards launching your first scheme, and now you can discuss your plans with chosen influencers and launch your campaign whenever you want. And just wait 'n' watch the approaches of new networks.

Conclusion :-

In the end all we wanted to say that Intellifluence is one of the best platform for influencers, brands and companies if you are an influencer you can various brand deals, promotion offers and if you are a brand and looking to promote your products/services through an influencer you will get tons of influencers in all almost every niche.