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Heyoya Review - Best Voice Comment System For Your Website

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain

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Heyoya Review - Best Voice Comment System For Your Website

In today's review, we are taking a look at Heyoya, the innovative voice comments platform designed to turn your website audience into an interactive community. By allowing your site visitors and customers to comment using voice and other rich media, Heyoya brings a direct, personalized, element to your site.

Heyoya installs on your website or blog from the backend, as a widget. Once the activation code is installed, it will appear as a comment platform, allowing your site visitors and readers to leave their thoughts in plain text, voice, or other rich media formats. You’ll have options at this point to design and configure the widget to match your particular needs and branding.

The installation is really that simple. Your site users can immediately start recording voice comments, and over time, you’ll see them engage more on your site. The Heyoya voice comments platform leverages the natural advantages of voice communication – its directness, its more personal affect, its clarity – to create a stronger connection between the online and offline worlds, and allow you and your readers to communicate simply and easily with each other.

The Heyoya voice comments platform is compatible with Wix, Weebly, and WordPress web publishers, and even with Shopify’s online publishing platform, but is not limited to them. In addition to desktop and laptop systems, Heyoya is available on tablet and smartphone mobile devices, and is compatible with both iOS and Android. The one-line activation code will work on any properly coded website.

Heyoya Features Overview:-

Heyoya Review

As an application for your website, Heyoya offers you a wide range of features. To start with, the widget is readily customizable, making it easy for you to ensure that your comment section reflects your own priorities and branding.

You can also choose from up to twenty languages for your Heyoya installation, so that you can talk to your site users in their language.

Once installed, Heyoya’s features include user authentication, by requiring commenters to verify a working email address before they can post to your site, as well as a dashboard allowing quick comment moderation and easy viewing of site analytics. These features are all interconnected.

By offering user authentication, Heyoya allows you to add a layer of defense against spam and bots, as well as other forms of comment abuse. Comment moderation adds a second layer of protection. The two together allow you, as the owner/moderator of the site or blog, to keep the comment section clean and clear of trolls, both live and automated.

While these features are controlled by the site owner, they have direct implications for the audience; by encouraging real user engagement, your site and blog will be clear of spam and sport a well-maintained appearance for the users.

Finally, in keeping the spam and bots out, you’ll also keep out their unwanted backlinks, spyware, and malware. All of this will keep your site visitors happy; it will also help your SEO rankings and your online reputation.

Heyoya also offers features that cater more directly to the audience. The nature of the voice comments platform – permitting short voice clips – will directly encourage audience participation in the comment section, helping to build a conversation. Visitors are more likely to listen to short clips than to read long text posts; they are also more likely to leave their thoughts in the extemporaneous format of a voice clip than to take the time to write a long post.

Heyoya doesn’t end with voice, however. Commenters can also leave other rich media posts: images, GIFs, and short videos. Finally, while Heyoya is geared toward voice and rich media, it does permit text comments. The range of options allows your commenters to fully express themselves.

Two last, but important, features, contribute to making the Heyoya voice comments platform an excellent vehicle for communication between the site owner and the audience. These are notifications and social media sharing. Notifications allow you, to send notices directly to your audience, in the form of message windows inside the Heyoya widget. It’s a quick, convenient way to keep your audience "in the loop."

Social media sharing is also offered directly in the Heyoya widget, and is an option that you can activate when you install and set up the platform. It will allow commenters to share their post on social media with the simple click of an icon button.

This feature will widen your audience, allowing you to reach not just your commenters but also their friends.

Heyoya Review

Heyoya Voice Comment System Plans & Pricing:-

Heyoya is available with two pricing plans. The basic plan is set at a low, low price of just $0. Yup, it’s free, and it offers you the Heyoya voice comments platform with customization options, rich media capability, basic analytics, basic moderation tools, SEO optimization, social media sharing, and compatibility in multiple languages.

The upgraded AMPLIFY plan adds to this. For just $8 per month, or $84 per year (a $12 annual savings), the AMPLIFY plan brings you all of the regular plan’s advantages plus advanced customization options, notification options, comment flagging options, sharing settings, downloadable voice comment files, and priority in Heyoya’s customer support. With AMPLIFY, your commenters will be able to leave voice clips up to one full minute in length.

What's Good About Heyoya Voice Comment System:-

  • The advantages of Heyoya voice comments are manifold. Let’s start with some technical aspects: voice comments contain unique meta tagging that will help attract search engines and boost your sites SEO. In addition, the interactive and personal nature of voice commenting is proven to increase user retention. Higher search rankings and retention rates are a known route to improving your reach. Most of the other advantages are directly related to the features talked about above.
  • From your perspective, Heyoya is easy to use. The advantages we talked about above – ease of installation, simplicity of the install code, moderation dashboard, site analytics, social sharing, and spam prevention – all make Heyoya ideal for anyone looking to build and manage a community on a website or blog.
  • By allowing visitors and customers to express themselves beyond plain text, using images, voice, and video – Heyoya actively encourages user-generated content on your site and blog. User-generated content, or UGC, is a smart, low-cost way to keep your site content fresh. The regular addition of new content on your site and blog will bring with it benefits to your reputation and credibility, as well as to your SEO. The advantages of Heyoya form a virtuous circle, reinforcing each other, and all to your benefit.
  • Finally, the user authentication and moderation features give you the last word on just who is posting to your site, and what they are posting. This is vital for keeping out the spam and the bots, and for encouraging the direct, personal communication that fosters lively debate and civil discussion. Again, these advantages will reflect in increased user participation, better SEO, and a better online reputation.

Final verdict :-

The answer is clear: Heyoya is the best voice comments platform available. It’s easy to set up; the single line of activation code can be correctly installed even by a beginner webmaster.

It’s easy to customize during the set-up process, and even better, it will not affect your site’s loading time, making it convenient for your site visitors.

It’s easy to use, for both the webmaster and the website visitor. It offers clear and immediate advantages for user and customer engagement, site SEO, webmaster reputation, and content generation.

Heyoya’s voice comments platform will take you beyond text, using the personal and direct medium of voice recording, and letting you turn your comment section into a lively conversation.