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BitDegree Review - Online Education Through Blockchain

Last Updated On Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 | Written By - Mudit Jain


BitDegree Review - Online Education Through Blockchain

BitDegree is an online tech education platform fully based on the blockchain and smart incentives system. This first blockchain-based online learning platform leads to great evolution of online education throughout the globe and will decrease the cost of hiring new talents in the field of technology.

BitDegree describes itself as the platform which will revolutionize online education field by offering token scholarships and acquisition of talents in technology field.

BitDegree Overview:-

BitDegree platform provides the best online courses and trainings with simple and transparent token incentives rewards system and achievement tracking. BitDegree also aims to become a widely used tool which will help employers to find new talents in the technology field through online courses.

BitDegree aims to connect teachers, students and employers in a single platform in order to transform how online education works. The company mainly focuses on teaching such skills as programming, web development, online business, game development, machine learning and many others.

The online platform deploys blockchain technology to record all educational achievements and allows every learner to avail the scholarships in the form of cryptocurrency (known as BitDegree tokens).

BitDegree’s goal is to create simply powered and specialized training courses that would enable developing skills that are in demand on the job market. Together with these courses a possibility to receive job offer is also created. After completing the course/training, students are paid for their work and also can get hired easily by the aforementioned companies.

BitDegree did not completely started from the beginning like other blockchain startups. The developers of BitDegree are building the platform on a foundation of approx 29 million+ existing users. These users came from native and innovative web learning worldwide communities Hostinger and 000webhost.

BitDegree is about to seek a golden opportunity in the world of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), as they are developing day-by-day. The number of MOOCs has boomed quickly after2K12. Two most popular MOOC providers are Coursera and CodeCademy which makes them together worth over $1 billion.

BitDegree Features Overview:-

BitDegree Review

Online education may be the greatest source for learning high quality skills and courses. However, altogether there are some major as well as minor but crucial problems in the world of online learning. BitDegree has performed a lot of research and highlighted those crucial problems with a solution to solve those problems. The following problems that are solved by BitDegree:

Globally flawed and imperfect education

Most of the universities nowadays are unable to teach their students what actually is needed to participate and compete in the modern day workforce. Actually, most of the universities only teach their students the theoretical part of various subjects and doesn’t focus enough on the practical part.

Their focus is only around their surrounding and they prepare the students to compete only with the learners around them. However, practical skills are the most important in order to become a valued employee and compete in the modern day workforce.

BitDegree believes that this problem is caused due to the lack of good communication between the employees and the universities.

That is why BitDegree had created online platform for helping all those employers to communicate with the emerging talents in technology field through advanced incentives.

Lack of technology specialists around the globe

In the modern day, many highly-skilled employees are wandering here and there for better job opportunities. On the other hand, technology companies are not fully satisfied with the work capability and morale of their employees and are in search of skilled employees which would probably bring quality work to their company.

The global recruitment market of USA is worth approx over $200 billion. For an open position recruitment, an average company in USA spends almost $4000, which is quite a good amount. Therefore, BitDegree platform aims to connect those potential employees with the best companies in the modern workforce and teach the skills needed in the market.

Marketplace friction

Market friction, in layman terms, is anything which prevents a trade from being executed smoothly. It could mean any reason which influences the process of decision making of the investor.

It could range from dearth of or misinformation about a product or the process to get exposure in the product, to the various legislative and legal hurdles and/or taxes levied on the transactions to tedious activities like standing in a line to conduct a transaction, which might alter your decision.

BitDegree makes use of tokens to create a frictionless environment so that every employee would have a chance. This probably helps in creating a frictionless marketplace among the learners, employers and the well-known online education firms.

Poor course completion rates

According to the reports given by MOOCs, most of the students after enrolling, doesn’t complete the course and leave it in the midst. Only about 5% of the students complete their course until the end.

The reason being given by the students is that the courses are not much interesting so it’s hard to keep the motivation of going forward. BitDegree clearly evaluated this lack of motivation problem and introduced courses for which the learners are paid with ideal incentives in the form of cryptocurrency.

If any learner completes the entire course, he/she would be given a mild scholarship as a motivational incentive. This scheme made the online learning platform bit more interesting. Moreover, BitDegree issues certificates of completion that can be received after completing the whole course. This feature is another motivational incentive that pushes the students to complete courses.

Why Choose BitDegree:-

BitDegree, the first online blockchain based education portal has many factors that make it to another level compared to other online learning portals. Some of the major advantages of using the services of BitDegree are following:

  • It clearly balances the business between the learners and the companies.
  • It helps firms and companies to easily hire high quality skilled tech specialists on the basis of their training.
  • It helps the companies and learners to get better opportunities to get trained.
  • It reduces the cost of sharing knowledge and helps in creating assessments and skills among others.
  • The small incentive method helps students to continue studying and gain valuable skills.

The most important advantage of using BitDegree is the opportunity to get connected with the future tech specialists and award them for their great works in their respective field.

The firms will provide small incentives to attract the highly qualified talents towards them and may hire them in future. A very small promotion of BitDegree portal can be very effective in terms of comprising jobs. For the learners, it is like getting paid for learning new skills and also to get a good and promising job in future.

The team behind BitDegree:-

The key member of BitDegree’s team is Andrius Putna, who is currently serving as the Chief Executive Officer. Putna has almost 11 years of experience regarding software engineering applications. He is the founder of BitDegree and is bringing this platform to success day by day.

He is also the founder of the world’s first and largest free learning and testing cloud hosting platform 000webhost. Danielius Stasiulis (Co-Founder and CBO), and Martynas Andriuškevičius are the other important members of the BitDegree team.

BitDegree Conclusion:-

Digital education is now getting very popular for getting higher knowledge in terms of skills. Also, it is widely practiced by the teaching experts, students and various teachers across the globe. The best example of digital education is various e-learning portals.

E- Learning makes you feel that learning process is not chained to the classroom, there is also a world of learning outside the classroom.

BitDegree is one of those e-learning platforms, but differentiates from the competitors because it’s built on the blockchain. This e-learning portal aims to change the world of digital learning/Massive Open Online Courses.

Nowadays these courses are more famous than ever before. However, modern day portals are built on single centralized technology. They might have different type of problems such as low course completion rates and lack of better connection between employers and learners.

BitDegree aims to solve all those problems. You can get more information about the project schemes and courses now at