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WordPress Insert Query For Custom Table

Last Updated : Mar 11, 2024

WordPress Insert Query For Custom Table

In this article we will show you the solution of WordPress insert query for custom table, a user's website was once compromised, and the administrator account for that user was removed from the database.

This prevented them from accessing their WordPress website.

Through the direct creation of a new admin user on the WordPress website, we were able to assist them in gaining access to their website.

phpMyAdmin,a web-based tool which lets you handle MySQL databases using one's web browser, was used to accomplish that.

In the event that hackers have prevented you from accessing a WordPress admin area or if you simply forgot your password, you can take the same action.

However, before making any MySQL changes, you should always backup your database.

Following that, you might need to use our beginner's guide to fixing one hacked WordPress site when you are able to log back into your website.

In order to fulfill the requirements of our use case, we would just have to make note of the IDs of something like the posts that each user was reading and the cities and nations from which they were doing so.

Step By Step Guide On WordPress Insert Query For Custom Table :-

  1. With the majority of reputable WordPress hosting companies, PhpMyAdmin is pre-installed.It's under the Databases tab in the cPanel dashboard for your hosting account.WordPress Insert Query For Custom Table
  2. The phpMyAdmin interface is opened by clicking on the icon.From the left column, select your WordPress database.
  3. Following that, phpMyAdmin will list every table in someone's WordPress database.You'll be modifying the wp users and wp_usermeta tables.WordPress Insert Query For Custom Table
  4. Begin by locating and selecting this same wp users table.This will display the users who are currently shown in the table.
  5. There are two user IDs, 1 and 2, in the table of our demo website, as seen in the screenshot below. We'll assign the ID 3 to any new users we create for our demo site.
  6. For the purpose of adding the details for just a new admin user, you must first click the "Insert" button on the top of both the screen.WordPress Insert Query For Custom Table
  7. Fill in the blanks on the Insert shape with following information:
  8. Choose an original ID number (in our example, 3).
  9. Login username: the login username.WordPress Insert Query For Custom Table
  10. When you're done, make sure to click the 'Go' button to save the new user.WordPress Insert Query For Custom Table

Conclusion :-

There are some projects that will call for you to add a custom table in addition to expanding the WordPress installed tables.

CRUD (Create,Update,Delete) operations can be carried out on the custom table using the WordPress REST API.

When managing custom tables, database indexing is an essential but frequently overlooked practice.

A database table's data can be retrieved from it much more quickly thanks to an index, just like a book's index.

When making a custom table, it ought to be your first consideration.

I hope this article on WordPress insert query for custom table helps you and the steps and method mentioned above are easy to follow and implement.

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