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WordPress Custom Login Page Code

Last Updated : Mar 11, 2024

WordPress Custom Login Page Code

In this article we will show you the solution of WordPress custom login page code, WordPress's default login page might not be able to handle such a demanding task. Well, it has every feature you require, but it doesn't exactly stick out.

A customized login page is crucial for your site's user experience as well as your brand.

Users are then brought to the standard WordPress login page, which is oddly unlike your website.

We will now discuss the idea of WordPress custom login page code with the following steps.

Step By Step Guide On WordPress Custom Login Page Code :-

  1. Installing WordPress plugins is the first step in building login forms.
  2. Install the form builder plugin for Formidable Forms Pro if you haven't already. Then navigate to the Formidable Add-Ons page and select the WordPress Users Registration plugin's 'Install' button.WordPress Custom Login Page CodeWordPress Custom Login Page Code
  3. Build the WordPress login page in step two.
  4. Your website should now have a new page that serves as your unique login page. To make the page consistent with your corporate branding, add some content or styling. Then, use the shortcode [frm-login] to add the WordPress login form to the page. Even better, you may make the login page your home page.WordPress Custom Login Page Code
  5. Make a WordPress registration form for users.
  6. Build a page with a registration form online and post it there. This will take the place of WordPress' standard registration page, so whenever someone visits your site, they are always seeing your branding and not WordPress'.
  7. Change the WordPress registration and login pages.
  8. You may now instruct WordPress to use your personal logins and registration page instead of the default ones. Choose your personalized Logins and Registration pages by going to the Formidable Global Settings Registration page.
  9. I'm done now! You may remove your WordPress login form from the default login page in just a few minutes. Now that your page has been completely customized, it represents the brand identity you have worked so hard to create.WordPress Custom Login Page Code

Conclusion :-

As a result, we have successfully learned how to create WordPress custom login page code.

Color, stylish typography, and eye pleasure are the cornerstones of your brand. This default page isn't giving your users the right impression. That seems a little suspicious to a visitor.

They might simply refresh the page, shrug, or type in their login info.

You may make a unique login page that wows your visitors using a variety of free or premium plugins.

I hope this article on WordPress custom login page code helps you and the steps and method mentioned above are easy to follow and implement.