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Remove Substring From String JavaScript

Last Updated : Jul 1, 2023

Remove Substring From String JavaScript

In this article we will show you the solution of remove substring from string JavaScript, a string is an immutable data type, meaning that it cannot be modified or altered.

Therefore, the string cannot be changed directly. String variables can be modified in JavaScript with some functions that make it easy or a new memory is allocated for a string variable every time a change is made.

A new string will be returned that contains the specified changes while the original string remains unchanged.

The substr() function takes two parameters to alter the given string.

The first parameter is the index from which the new string will begin and the second parameter is the length of the new string starting from the given index.

A string or text can be replaced with another string or empty string by using the replace function.

The replacement function takes two parameters: a string and a text to be replaced.

The string parameter is the first parameter, while the text parameter is the second parameter. To remove the text from the string the second parameter should be given as an empty string.

Various functions provide built-in support for manipulating strings in JavaScript. Substrings are typically replaced or removed in JavaScript using the replace () method.

Matching the substring and removing that part of the string is accomplished by using the replace () method.

It is also possible to match the substring perfectly using regular expressions in the replace () method.

JavaScript provides an empty string removal method built-in to replace substrings with empty strings.

Substrings provided in the first argument are replaced with substrings provided in the second argument.

Step By Step Guide On Remove Substring From String JavaScript :-

   <p id="a"></p>
   <p id="a1"></p>
      let a = 'Hello world'
      document.write(a.substr(0, 5),"<br>")
      document.write(a.substr(4, 3))
  1. In our first step, we write <HTML>, which tells the browser what HTML version we're using. Documents in HTML begin with tags.
  2. Using the <head> tag, we will describe the project's heading.
  3. This is followed by the <body> tag that defines the body of the webpage. Throughout the website, all the content is written here.
  4. Then we create a paragraph using p id.
  5. Then we can be added to an HTML page with a <script> tag. For creating substring.
  6. Then we remove the string using again the creation of a substring.
  7. After that </script></body></html> and code should be executed after closing all tags.

Conclusion :-

Substrings can be removed from strings using JavaScript's replace () method. As well as replacing substrings, users can also add new ones. Using a substring, the method removes the string from its input.

I hope this article on remove substring from string JavaScript helps you and the steps and method mentioned above are easy to follow and implement.

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