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Remove Special Characters From String JavaScript

Last Updated : Mar 11, 2024

Remove Special Characters From String JavaScript

In this article we will show you the solution of remove special characters from string JavaScript, JavaScript requires you to remove any special characters. A special character is any punctuation or symbol that can make it more challenging to read and understand a text.

In this study, a particular special character will be removed from a JavaScript string.

Whenever an empty string is passed as an argument, a replace() method would then eliminate those special characters first from the string, for example, str.replace(/a-zA-Z0-9]/g, ").

The replace() method will return a new string devoid of special characters.

A substring and regular expression can be used to search a string using the String replace() method, which will then return a format string with the value replaced.

This function does not change the original format of a string. Call the replace() function on the string, supplying a whitelisting regex and an empty string as arguments, i.e. str.replace(/a-zA-Z0-9]/g, ''), to remove all special characters from the string.

The new string produced by the replace() method won't have any special characters in it.

Step By Step Guide On Remove Special Characters From String JavaScript :-

<h1 style="color:green;">
<p id="TC_UP">
<button onclick="tc_Run()">
<p id="TC_DOWN" style="color:green; font-size: 20px; font-weight: bold;">
    var el_up = document.getElementById("TC_UP");
    var el_down = document.getElementById("TC_DOWN");
    var str = "This, is# TalkersCode!";
    el_up.innerHTML = str;
    function tc_Run() {
        el_down.innerHTML =
            str.replace(/[&\/\\#, +()$~%.'":*?<>{}]/g, '_');
  1. We start by writing HTML>, which informs the browser of the HTML version we are using. Tags are significant because they are an HTML document's first element.
  2. The "<head>" tag is used to describe the heading of the project. There are no title or slash restrictions. If you are using an external style sheet, you can specify a website Link or path relative to a page you are on as the step-by-step tag.
  3. Next, we included an HTML page with such a script> tag.
  4. The next thing we'll do is construct a string variable with text and special characters in it.
  5. A string replace function can be used to replace a string.
  6. Then, after closing all tags, </script></head></body></html> but also code should be executed.

Conclusion :-

A regular expression with square brackets around it denotes a character class ([]). Only the characters that are contained within will be matched.

However, only characters outside of the square bracket will be matched in the square bracket.

Any character returned by the regex that is not a letter, number, space, or other digit is removed from the string using the replace() method.

I hope this article on remove special characters from string JavaScript helps you and the steps and method mentioned above are easy to follow and implement.

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