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Remove Character From String JavaScript

Last Updated : Mar 11, 2024

Remove Character From String JavaScript

In this article we will show you the solution of remove character from string JavaScript, string manipulation, transformation, and information extraction are all possible with JavaScript. Changing, searching for, replacing, removing, or adding a character to a string sometimes requires several lines of code.

JavaScript provides techniques to ease the completion of all of these operations. String manipulation and alteration are made simple with these methods.

A character/string can be replaced with another character/string using the replace method.

A replacement string is required in the first parameter, while a replacement string is required in the second parameter.

A character to be removed is given as the first parameter, and an empty string is given as the second parameter.

Surfaces will be removed from the string by this method. A string is subtracted from its first occurrence using this method.

There are two parameters to the replace () method, either the String that needs to be replaced or the String that needs to be replaced.

We can't remove a character in place from a string because JavaScript strings are immutable.

Rather than starting over with a rewritten string, let's start over with a totally different one.

A brand-new substring is returned by the JavaScript substring () method after retrieving the characters between two indexes.

In the substr() method, the start and end positions of the string are specified and a part of the string is returned.

It is clear from the above function that whitespace is successfully removed from the output string value after it is input.

It takes two arguments, one to represent the current character and the second to represent a new character.

When dealing with complex scenarios, such as line breaks and trailing whitespace, regular expressions (regex) are also helpful.

In addition to removing characters from string arrays, line breaks, trailing whitespace, empty strings, Unicode characters, double quotes, extra spaces, char, parenthesis, and backslashes, we can use the JavaScript methods above.

Step By Step Guide On Remove Character From String JavaScript :-

         var arr = ["Samsung", "vivo", "Samsung",
                                 "oppo", "infinix", "infinix"];
         function removeDuplicates(arr) {
                     return arr.filter((item,
                                 index) => arr.indexOf(item) === index);
  1. Step first <script> tag are open in the program for creating program.
  2. After that we create an array variable using var arr.
  3. Then we remove the duplicate function and return the array filter for creating items.
  4. After that we run the program using console.log
  5. Then we close the script using </script>

Conclusion :-

When removing a character from a string in Javascript, the replace () method is commonly used.

Using the replace () method, you need to pass the first parameter as your replacement character and the second parameter as your replacement character.

I hope this article on remove character from string JavaScript helps you and the steps and method mentioned above are easy to follow and implement.

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