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Python String Replace Regex

Last Updated : Mar 11, 2024

Python String Replace Regex

In this article we will show you the solution of python string replace regex, a string can be replaced in Python using the regex sub() method. A replaced string is returned by a built-in Python method. The re-module must be imported.

As part of the search, this method replaces the string with an expression that matches the pattern found in the string.

The Python regex language offers the sub() and subn() methods for searching and replacing patterns within strings.

Our method allows us to substitute a regex pattern with another in a target string by using one of these methods.

Use Python's re.sub() method instead of a perfect match when replacing a string matching the regex.

There is a built-in method called re.sub() that accepts five arguments and returns replaced strings.

In regex replace, strings can be searched and replaced using simple search and replace operations.

Other text-processing tasks can be performed as well, such as searching for patterns and modifying the text.

Regular expressions can be expressed in Python using the built-in re-module, which provides functions for expressing patterns, characters, and special characters.

Before utilizing the sub() method of the re-module, the re-module must be imported.

To extract data from any text, regular expressions (regex), based on patterns, are used.

Through them, pattern-based texts can also be modified, enabling text preparation and utilizing digital talents like natural language processing. (NLP).

The supplied string is globally searched for and globally replaced in the re.sub() method. This function replaces a string with a specified pattern.

Step By Step Guide On Python String Replace Regex :-

import re
def substitutor():
    sentence1 = "It is sunny outside."
    print(re.sub(r"sunny", "rainny", sentence1))
    sentence2 = "Thank you very much."
    print(re.sub(r"very", "so", sentence2))
  1. In Python, a regex is used to replace a specific text pattern with a string
  2. Following that, we imported the regex module
  3. Our next step is to define the Function for performing operations on the strings, and we see a variable for the strings
  4. After replacing the text 'rainny' in the string, variable sentence1, with 'sunny,' we pass rainny as the first parameter, sunny as the second, and string as the third parameter.
  5. As a result, the string variable sentence2 is modified by replacing the text 'very' with 'so.' Thus, parameters are passed to their appropriate positions and the modified string is printed.

Conclusion :-

As a result, we have successfully learned how to python string replace regex.

Regular expressions (regex), based on patterns, are employed to extract data from any text.

Pattern-based texts can also be manipulated through them, leading to text preprocessing, and implementing digital skills such as Natural Language Processing (NLP).

In the re.sub() method, the given string is searched for globally and replaced globally. A specific pattern is substituted in a string with this function.

I hope this article on python string replace regex helps you and the steps and method mentioned above are easy to follow and implement.

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