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Pop Up Message In PHP

Last Updated : Mar 11, 2024

Pop Up Message In PHP

In this article we will show you the solution of pop up message in PHP, when a user enters a value that differs from what is needed to fill in that position, the website uses an alert box to display a caution message.

For more cordial messages, an alert box can still be used. There is only one "OK" button to choose from and move forward in the alert box.

The warning message displays on the screen as a pop-up window. By using this, you can inform the user and convey a message.

Because PHP is a server-side language, alert message boxes are not supported; nevertheless, you can alert the message box on the screen by using JavaScript code inside of the PHP body.

Now move to the concept of pop up message in php.

Step By Step Guide On Pop Up Message In PHP :-

function function_alert($message) {
 echo "<script>";
 echo "var message = '$message';"; // Storing the message in a variable
 echo "alert(message);"; // Displaying the message using the alert function
 echo "</script>";
// Function call
function_alert("Welcome to the Talkerscode");
// Adding some comments for clarity
// The following code is just an example of how you can make the function call more dynamic
// Initializing variables
$message1 = "Hello World";
$message2 = "This is a test message";
$message3 = "You have a new notification"
// Using a loop to call the function with different messages
for($i = 1; $i <= 3; $i++) {
 echo "<br>Calling function_alert with message $i...<br>";
 // Calling the function with the corresponding message variable
  1. You can see that we wrote the PHP code that causes the message to appear here.
  2. The function function_alert(), which accepts a message as input and displays it using the JavaScript alert() function, is used at the beginning of the code.
  3. Then a new script tag is produced and appended to the document body using the echo statement.
  4. With the help of the alert() function, the message is displayed after being saved in a JavaScript variable with the var keyword.
  5. The script block is closed using the /script> tag.
  6. The "Welcome to the Talkerscode" message is passed to the function_alert() function in order to display the alert message box.
  7. We also give an example of how to initialise three separate message variables ($message1, $message2, and $message3) to make the function call more dynamic.
  8. The function_alert() function is then invoked with each of these messages using the loop. The $"message".$i syntax is used to dynamically access the appropriate message variable based on the loop's current iteration.

Conclusion :-

As a result, we were able to understand the PHP concept of a pop-up message.

We also discovered that the function_alert() function accepts a message as an argument, inserts the message in a JavaScript variable, uses the echo statement to build a script block, then uses the alert() function to show the message.

I hope this article on pop up message in PHP helps you and the steps and method mentioned above are easy to follow and implement.

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