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PHP Sort Multidimensional Array By Value Alphabetically

Last Updated : Jan 1, 2023

PHP Sort Multidimensional Array By Value Alphabetically

In this tutorial we will show you the solution of PHP sort multidimensional array by value alphabetically, here we defined multidimensional array with three set of values then using array_column() and array_multisort() methods we sort easily.

The array_column() function returns the values from a single column in the input array.

The array_multisort() function returns a sorted array. We can assign one or more arrays.

The function sorts the first array and the other arrays follow then if two or more values are the same, it sorts the next array and so on.

Step By Step Guide On PHP Sort Multidimensional Array By Value Alphabetically :-

Here we declared our multidimensional array ‘$f’ with three set of array with two columns of values.

Then using array_column() method we retrieves column ‘flimname’ values and stored to variable ‘$name’ and in array_multisort() we need to pass three parameters so we passed column value of variable ‘$name’, type of sorting ‘SORT_ASC’ it refers ascending order, finally array $f.

Result of multisort will change the original array into ascending order so after multisort() method when we print array $f we gets result of ascending ordered array.

array_multisort($name, SORT_ASC,$f);
echo "Multisort Ascending Order<br>";
  1. A php script can be placed anywhere in the document. A php script starts with <?php and end with ?>.
  2. The default file extension for php files is “.php” and php statements end with ‘;’ semicolon.
  3. For declare an associative array we need to know syntax of array declaration in php (i.e) $array_name=array(array(key1=>value1,key2=>value2), array(key1=>value3,key2=>value4)..).
  4. We declared array $f with three set of array values - ‘array("flimname"=>"Multiverse","rating"=>6.7), array("flimname"=>"Thor","rating"=>8.2), array("flimname"=>"Avengers","rating"=>7.2),’.
  5. Using array_column() method we filtered column "flimname" from an associative $f then stored to variable ‘$name’ array for pass column values on array_multisort() method.
  6. Lastly using array_multisort method with parameters of ‘column array $name, ascending order type SORT_ASC, multidimensional array’ we sorted $f array in ascending order.
  7. We can create different array with some other values as your wish, here shown example for your reference only try to explore different values but concept will same so it won’t affect the result.
  8. For alphabetically array multidimensional array we have two or many options in php like sort(),asort(),usort() or manual method using loops.
  9. So we can choose these method also for gets the result of multidimensional array with ascending order.

Conclusion :-

In conclusion we are able to know how to sort multidimensional array values in alphabets order using php.

First we need to start our xampp server then we load this program on browser we can see result of multidimensional array in ascending order when we need to display any array with whole values we need to use print_r() method and we can also use this concept except type of sorting SORT_ASC we can get multidimensional array values in descending order by modifying sort type to ‘SORT_DESC’.

I hope this tutorial on PHP sort multidimensional array by value alphabetically helps you and the steps and method mentioned above are easy to follow and implement.

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