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PHP Array Merge Unique

Last Updated : Mar 11, 2024

PHP Array Merge Unique

In this article we will show you the solution of PHP array merge unique, in PHP, first create a blank array that will hold the outcome in order to merge this same copy value inside a multidimensional array.

And after that we iterate through the array, checking for duplication by comparing it to other elements.

If duplicate elements are discovered, they should first be combined before being pushed to the final array; otherwise, they should be pushed there immediately.

It is defined as an array of values that maps age, name, and hobby to specific values.

One of the array entries receives a new value as the "foreach" loop iterates through the array values.

Duplicate values won't be stored because the previously two entries for the same value have been combined into one.

Java arraycopy() is a System class method inside the java.lang package.

The destination array's specific position receives an array copy from the source array's specified source array.Something like the length of the argument depends on how many elements are copied.

Parameters :-

source array: This is a source array.

source position: The beginning of the source array.

destination: is an array of destinations.

destination position: Position inside the destination array to begin.

length: The quantity of array components that must be copied

Step By Step Guide On PHP Array Merge Unique :-

Import java.util.Arrays;
Public class TalkersCodeMergedemo
Public static void main(String[] args)
int[] firstArray = {13,45,52,78,4,90,1};
int[] secondArray = {77,11,55,88,35,56,3};
int fal = firstArray.length;
int sal = secondArray.length;
int[] result = new int[fal + sal];
System.arraycopy(firstArray, 0, result, 0, fal);
System.arraycopy(secondArray, 0, result, fal, sal);
  1. First we create a function as import java.util.arrays
  2. Then we create a class as a talkerscode merge demo.
  3. Then we define a public static void main function.
  4. We started by making two integer arrays, firstArray and secondArray.
  5. To merge two arrays,we find their lengths and store them in the fal and sal variables, respectively.
  6. The length of both arrays is then added, and a fresh integer array result is created.
  7. Now, using the arraycopy() function, copy each element of the both arrays towards the result array.
  8. Then we define an array copy with the function of system.arraycopy.
  9. Then we close the program using the system.out.printIn function and define result.

Conclusion :-

I hope this article on PHP array merge unique helps you and the steps and method mentioned above are easy to follow and implement.

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