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PHP Array Get Value By Key

Last Updated : Jul 1, 2023

PHP Array Get Value By Key

In this article we will show you the solution of PHP array get value by key, Array_search() returns the key of an array based on the value it searches for. In the case of Val being found in the array, the function returns the key for value.

In the case of not finding it, it returns FALSE. In the case of multiple matches for Val in the array arr, the first matching key will be returned.

The array_keys() function returns the array's keys, both numeric and string.

Search_values are returned only if they match the specified values. The array returns all keys if it is empty.

Step By Step Guide On PHP Array Get Value By Key :-

A PHP inbuilt function, array_search(), searches an array for a particular value, and if that value is found, it returns its corresponding key.

A key will be returned based on the first matching value if there is more than one.

If the third parameter strict is set to true then the array_search() function will search for identical elements.

This means it will also perform a strict type comparison of the needle, and objects must be in the same instance.

Keys to return in an array.

This parameter returns only keys that contain the specified value if it is specified.

When using strict comparison (===) during the search, determine if strict comparison should be used.

Associative arrays and dictionaries can be retrieved with arr['key'] in most programming languages

A function's return value is determined by its corresponding value. A FALSE value is returned if no match is found, and a matched key is returned if there is more than one.

$array = array (0 => 100, "color" => "orange");
$array = array ("skyblue", "orange", "grey", "skyblue", "skyblue");
print_r(array_keys($array, "blue"));
$array = array ("color" => array ("skyblue", "orange", "grey"),
               "size" => array ("small", "medium", "large"));
  1. The short tags start with "<?" and end with "?>". Short style tags are only available when they are enabled in the php.ini configuration file on servers.
  2. An array can be created using the array() language construct. It takes any number of comma-separated key => value pairs as arguments.
  3. array_keys() return the keys, numeric and string, from the array.
  4. array_keys() also return the key if it's boolean but the boolean will return as 1 or 0. It will return empty if get a NULL value as the key.

Conclusion :-

Array_keys() return the keys, both numeric and string, from the array. If a search_value is specified, then only the keys for that value are returned. Otherwise, all the keys from the array are returned.

I hope this article on PHP array get value by key helps you and the steps and method mentioned above are easy to follow and implement.

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