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jQuery Submit Form Ajax

Last Updated : Mar 11, 2024

jQuery Submit Form Ajax

In this article we will show you the solution of jQuery submit form ajax, in today's online technology, Ajax forms are crucial components.

It allows for the updating of certain web page elements without having to reload the entire page and the receiving of data in a variety of forms, including HTML, JSON, and XML.

Now move to the concept of jquery submit form ajax.

Step By Step Guide On jQuery Submit Form Ajax :-

Asynchronous JavaScript with XML is referred to as AJAX. It operates by sending asynchronous requests, which enables an application to reload a section of a page without updating the complete document.

This guide will be useful for anyone having trouble submitting AJAX forms because it concentrates on that process.

The Page Object Model (DOM), which is an HTML/CSS document, and JavaScript are made easier to work with by the open-source JavaScript package jQuery.

Ajax interactions and DOM animations are made easier with jQuery, the JavaScript library for cross-browser use.Using jQuery, an ajax call is made using the $.ajax() function.


$.ajax({name:value, name:value, ... })

By specifying the value of the following considerations and clicking the submit button, we may submit a form through ajax.

type: This word is used to describe the kind of request.

url:To indicate the URL to submit the request to, use the word url.

data:To specify the data that will be delivered to the server, use the word data.

The methods get() and post()

The asynchronous data retrieval provided by a jQuery get() and post() functions involves sending a request to the server.

The only distinction between the two methods is that the get() method sends Ajax queries over HTTP using the GET method, whereas the post() method sends Ajax requests over HTTP using the POST method.

POST is used to submit data to the server in order to build or update a resource, whereas GET is used to obtain data from a specific resource.

<!Doctype html>
 <title>Jquery submit form ajax</title>
 <script src=
 $(() => {
  $("#submitButton").click(function(ev) {
   var form = $("#formId");
   var url = form.attr('action');
    type: "POST",
    url: url,
    data: form.serialize(),
    success: function(data) {
     alert("Form Submited Successfully");
    error: function(data) {
     alert("some Error");
 <form id='formId' action=''> Name:
  <input type='text'
  <br> Student ID:
  <input type='text'
  <br> Contact No. :
  <input type='text'
  <button type='submit'
  1. HTML & HEAD Tags are the first tags in our code.
  2. Next, we give the page's title.
  3. Next, the jQuery library is added.
  4. Next, we launch our jQuery script.
  5. The code will then be performed once the DOM has loaded.
  6. Next, we construct the . Click function for the submit button, which is invoked when the user clicks it.
  7. Next, we create a variable called form
  8. Then assign it an action.
  9. The ajax post method is then called.
  10. If there is a problem, ajax will be called to print the error.
  11. We finish with the script.
  12. After that, we begin writing our code.
  13. With the aid of input type characteristics, we design a form's body in which we place the submit button, name, student id, and contact information.
  14. With BODY & HTML tags, we finish our programme.

Conclusion :-

As a result, we were able to understand the idea of jQuery submit form ajax.

We can also see that Forms are an essential component of a website and that AJAX enables users to quickly refresh a specific section of a page without having to do the same for the full thing. AJAX forms can send and receive data in a variety of formats, including HTML, JSON, and XML.

I hope this article on jQuery submit form ajax helps you and the steps and method mentioned above are easy to follow and implement.

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