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JavaScript Select OnChange Get Value

Last Updated : Mar 11, 2024

JavaScript Select OnChange Get Value

In this article we will show you the solution of JavaScript select onchange get value, numerous built-in capabilities in JavaScript reduce the time and effort required by developers.

Now let us move to the JavaScript select onchange get value.

Step By Step Guide On JavaScript Select OnChange Get Value :-

JavaScript interacts with HTML components to give webpages an interactive appearance.

When a user modifies the choice, they have picked using the <select> element, a onchange event is triggered, making it feasible. The choice of onchange events is explained in this post along with a useful JavaScript example.

JavaScript's method for selecting Onchange:

As soon as a value for an element change, the onchange event is triggered.

It is specifically used by checkboxes for form validation. As an illustration, a drop-down menu with numerous options is used.

The onchange event is activated when a user chooses a certain option. All modern browsers work with this event.

Onchange Event

During an onchange event, an element's value is altered. Checkboxes and radio buttons trigger the onchange event when their checked status changes.

In the same way as the on-input event, this one occurs as well.

A change in content causes an element to lose focus, while a change in value causes it to lose focus right away. There is also the onchange event that <select> elements offer.

You can choose an event handler in JavaScript that will be informed of changes by using the onchange property.

The onchange event handler is now invoked each time the choice element is changed.


<h2>Talkerscode shows you an example of Select the onchange Value </h2>
Select Level of Education:
<select id="education" onchange="GetSelectedTextValue(this)">
    <option value="School">School</option>
    <option value="College">College</option>
    <option value="University">University</option>
<script src="test.js"></script>

JavaScript Code:

function GetSelectedTextValue(education) {
  var sleTex = education.options[education.selectedIndex].innerHTML;
  var selVal = education.value;
  alert("Selected Text: " + sleTex + " Value: " + selVal);
  1. The HTML and BODY tags are where the HTML code starts off in the HTML code.
  2. Next, we use the h2> heading element to print the message.
  3. Next, using the select> tag, we assign the id designated "education" to a drop-down list.
  4. For the onchange event, this list includes the various alternatives for "School," "College," and "University."
  5. As can be seen, if one of the above options is chosen, the onchange event is triggered.
  6. Go on to the js code now.
  7. In the js code, we build the function by supplying the argument "education" to the GetSelectedTextValue() method.
  8. Next, we establish a variable called sleTex, which is used to extract the educational value from the HTML.
  9. The value of education is then retrieved using the "selVal" variable.
  10. Following that, a warning box is created that uses the "sleTex" and "sleVal" functions to extract the text and value.
  11. After that, 11. The result displays a drop-down menu with the options "School," "College," and "University." If a certain option is chosen, the onchange event is triggered. The value of the selected text is then shown in the pop-up window.

Conclusion :-

As a result, we have successfully learned about the JavaScript idea of select onchange get value.

Additionally, we discovered that the built-in event onchange of JavaScript is triggered whenever a user changes the value of an element.

A dropdown list made especially for this purpose allows users to select a value for the onchange event. Having a cross-check option is useful when making a decision.

I hope this article on JavaScript select onchange get value helps you and the steps and method mentioned above are easy to follow and implement.

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