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JavaScript Remove Duplicate Objects From Array

Last Updated : Jul 1, 2023

JavaScript Remove Duplicate Objects From Array

In this article we will show you the solution of JavaScript remove duplicate objects from array, sometimes, we have an array of objects in our javascript code that have duplicate objects.

In javascript programming, there are number of ways to remove duplicates from array, but which is best and short it’s hard to decide

let’s discuss how to remove duplicates from array of primitives(like array of string, array of numbers) and array of non-primitives(like array of objects)

We may want to find duplicates and remove them. in this article, we’ll look at ways we can remove duplicate objects from a javascript array.

array.prototype.filter we can use the javascript array’s filter method to remove duplicate entries from an array.

given an array of objects, the task is to remove the duplicate object element from the array list.

The object is then assigned to this index. with this approach, only one of each object in the original array will be assigned to the same index, thereby eliminating duplicates.

Use the array.filter() method to filter the array of objects. only include objects with unique ids in the new array. as each element (object) in the array is added to the array, the function passed to the array.filter method is called.

Step By Step Guide On JavaScript Remove Duplicate Objects From Array :-

<title> talkerscode remove duplicate array</title>
    <h1 style="color: green">
        talkerscode remove duplicate array
talkerscode learn how to remove duplicates
        talkerscode click on the button to remove the duplicates in the array
    <p>talkerscode check the output</p>
    <button onclick="removeduplicates()">
        click here
    <script type="text/javascript">
        function removeduplicates() {
            books = [
                { title: "java", author: "james" },
            let newarray = [];
            let uniqueobject = {};
            for (let i in books) {
                objtitle = books[i]['title'];
                uniqueobject[objtitle] = books[i];
            for (i in uniqueobject) {
  1. The first step is to write <html>, which tells the browser what html version we're using. tags are the starting point of html documents.
  2. Using the <head> tag, we will describe the project's heading. <title> are open and </title>.
  3. This is followed by the <body> tag, which defines the webpage's body. throughout the website, you'll find all the content written here.
  4. Open the external style sheet to create the webpage.
  5. Then we use <b> tag and <p> tag for bold and paragraph.
  6. Then we use onclick directive for detecting click events and an ng-class directive for adding up and down arrows.
  7. The script tag explains javascript google api run and the file we used that or the code.
  8. Then we use console.log for creating new array and unique object.
  9. After that </script></body></html> and code should be executed after closing all tags.

Conclusion :-

we can remove duplicate objects in a javascript array with sets, filters, or json methods.

If the id is contained in the unique id array, we have a duplicate.

If the id isn't contained in the unique ids array, we add the id and return true from the function.

I hope this article on JavaScript remove duplicate objects from array helps you and the steps and method mentioned above are easy to follow and implement.

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