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How To View HTML Code In Chrome

Last Updated : Mar 11, 2024

How To View HTML Code In Chrome

In this tutorial we will show you how to view HTML code in chrome, in HTML, there is also a feature with the help we can the code that is used for making a webpage. This is not only in chrome. You can use any browser to see the codes behind a website.

The code used in the website opens in a new blank tab. And there are several ways with the help you can see the codes behind a website.

As a website is a collection of webpages. So, every webpage has different source page because of different content on a webpage

Step By Step Guide On How To View HTML Code In Chrome :-

As, there are many ways to see the code used in a website. Also, there are two main options for this.

The options are as:

  • By using view page source
  • By using inspect option

Hence, there are two main options of viewing a page source. In this article we will help you to understand that how they used.

The first one is view page source. The view page source option has two ways to see the codes behind webpage.

But before discussing this, we also want to say that if you or any use external CSS files than this automatically makes in internal. To show you what the CSS properties are also used behind the page.

Now, as we already discuss that there are two ways to see the view page source option:

The first one is by using mouse:

In this method, first you have to open the website or webpage of which you want to see the page source.

Then the next step is to click on the page, but with right click of mouse. Here, we want to say that you have to right click on the webpage.

And a list may appear there. The list opens as a dialog list and always same. Now there are many options. In which you have to find view page source option.

Usually, the option in chrome is present on the second last position. After, this you just have to click on that option and by clicking on that. You automatically redirected to another blank tab in which you are able to see the source code behind the webpage.

In second option of view page source

You just have to open a webpage and have to press Ctrl + U. This is the shortcut key to open the page of view page source option.

In this, from your webpage, you just have to press Ctrl and host it until you press U. Don’t worry the U may be capital or small, but the keywords are same.

Conclusion :-

In conclusion, we can say that you are able to view the page source even of google also, by using view page source option.

Here is also an option of inspect page, this option is also used to view the code of the webpage, but in different way from view page source, we also come in touch with inspect option in our next sessions.

I hope this tutorial on how to view HTML code in chrome helps you and the steps and method mentioned above are easy to follow and implement.

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