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How To Split A String In Python

Last Updated : Mar 11, 2024

How To Split A String In Python

In this article we will show you the solution of how to split a string in python, Python has a number of methods for splitting strings, such as the split() method, but a different method is to split a string into a list of its constituent elements using list comprehension and the list() typecasting function.

A single line of code can be used to generate a new list from an iterable, such as a string, using list comprehension, which is a clear and straightforward method.

It allows us to perform a specific operation or function on each iterable element and then add the result to a new list.

List comprehension enables us to take out each character or word from a string and add them as distinct components to a new list when dividing a string.

When combined with list comprehension, it allows us to extract a list of distinct characters from a string in only one line of code. Now we'll discuss the idea of splitting a string in Python.

Step By Step Guide On How To Split A String In Python :-

Method - Using List Comprehension, divide a string into a Python list.

string = "Talkerscode"
letter = [x for x in string]
  1. You can see that we used list comprehension to build the Python code in this example to split the string.
  2. We define a string called "Talkerscode" at the beginning of the code.
  3. Then, using a list comprehension, it creates a new list called "letter" by extracting each character from the string and assigning it to a new element in the list.
  4. The letters from the original string are then separated into individual elements in the list that results.
  5. The print statement is then used to send the result using the new list to the terminal.

Method - Utilising Python's list() typecasting, divide a string into a list.

def split(word):
 return list(word)
word = 'Talkerscode'
  1. You can see that we use the list() typecasting function to build the Python code that splits the string in this example.
  2. We write a function called "split" at the very beginning of the code, and it only accepts the one parameter "word".
  3. The method then uses the built-in "list" function to parse the input string into a list of its individual characters and returns the resulting list.
  4. The variable "word" is then set to have the value "Talkerscode".
  5. The "split" function is then called by the print statement with the argument "word," returning a list with each letter in "Talkerscode" as a separate element.
  6. The console then receives this list's output.
  7. The input word length, n, determines the time complexity, which is O(n).
  8. Auxiliary space has a size of O(n), where n is the input word's length.

Conclusion :-

We have so successfully acquired the knowledge necessary to split a string in Python.

We also discovered that a quick and effective way to break apart a string into its component parts in Python is to use list comprehension and the list() function.

In circumstances where a string needs to be divided based on a specified delimiter, it offers a condensed approach to handle individual letters or words of a string.

I hope this article on how to split a string in python helps you and the steps and method mentioned above are easy to follow and implement.

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