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How To Sort List In Java

Last Updated : Mar 11, 2024

How To Sort List In Java

In this article we will show you the solution of how to sort list in java, using java.util.Collections.sort() function, a collection's elements can be arranged in ascending order.

Although it performs similar operations to the java.util.Arrays.sort() method, it is superior because it can sort not just arrays but also other data structures like linked lists and queues, making it more flexible.

This function can handle a variety of collections, includes lists, sets, and arrays, and sorts the collection elements using a modified merge sort algorithm.

By utilising the Comparator interface, it may also sort a group of objects according to specific criteria. Now move to the concept of how to sort list in java.

Step By Step Guide On How To Sort List In Java :-

import java.util.*;
public class SortCollection {
public static void main(String[] args) {
    ArrayList<String> al = new ArrayList<>();
    System.out.println("List after the use of Collection.sort():" + System.lineSeparator() + al);
  1. You are able to see how to sort a list using Java by looking at this example.
  2. This Java programme defines the class SortCollection and imports the java.util package.
  3. We make an object called al, an array list that can contain entries of the type String.
  4. then uses the add function to add four members to the al ArrayList.
  5. Next, utilises the sort function of the Collections class to arrange the elements of the al ArrayList in ascending order.
  6. Then, the sort method is a static method that accepts an ArrayList object as input and arranges the elements in that object's elements according to their natural order.
  7. The println function of the System class is then used to print the sorted al ArrayList to the console.
  8. The contents of the al ArrayList are printed following the string "List after the use of Collection.sort():" and a new line separator.

Conclusion :-

Hence, we have successfully learned the concept of how to sort list in java.

We also looked at java.util, which is important since it contains the Collections.sort() method, which is used to sort a collection's contents in ascending order in the Java Collections framework.

It is a potent and adaptable tool that can sort a wide range of collections, including queues, lists, sets, and arrays.

This makes it a crucial tool for data analysis & manipulation in Java. An effective and dependable way for sorting huge datasets is the Collections.sort() method, which sorts the elements in a collection using a modified merge sort algorithm.

Additionally, it can sort a set of objects according to specific criteria by utilising the Comparator interface, which gives programmers a way to alter the method's sorting behaviour.

I hope this article on how to sort list in java helps you and the steps and method mentioned above are easy to follow and implement.

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