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How To Reverse A String In JavaScript

Last Updated : Mar 11, 2024

How To Reverse A String In JavaScript

In this tutorial we will show you the solution of how to reverse a string in JavaScript, in JavaScript, reversing a string is common and useful operation.

Reversing a string appears to be a straightforward task, right? Simply re-arrange the letters in the opposite order.

However, when thinking algorithmically, we must be precise. We must dissect each step of the reversal and consider potential flaws in the process.

In this guide, we will check how to reverse a string in JavaScript

Step By Step Guide On How To Reverse A String In Javascript :-

The three JavaScript built-in functions split(), reverse(), and join() are the best ways to reverse a string ().

split() returns the new array after splitting a text into an array of substrings with a separator.

reverse() - This method reverses the order of an array's elements. The first element transforms into the last, and the element transforms into the first.

join() combines all members of an array into a single string and returns it.

<title>JavaScript reverse Strings</title>
function reverseString(str) {
  // Split the input string to return an array of its letters
  let arrayOfLetters = str.split('')
  // ['h', 'e', 'l', 'l', 'o']
  // Reverse the elements of the array
  let reversedArray = arrayOfLetters.reverse()
  // ['o', 'l', 'l', 'e', 'h']
  // Join the elements of the reversed array into a string
  let joinedElements= reversedArray.join('')
  // 'olleh'
  // Return the reversed string
  return joinedElements
  1. To begin, type <! DOCTYPE html> into your browser's address bar to inform it that the file is in HTML format.
  2. The <html> element, on the other hand, is used to signal the start of HTML content.
  3. The <head> tag now contains the information about web pages. The < title> element is used in this tag to provide a web page title. For example, the <head> and < title> tags are paired tags. As a result, both have the </head> and </title> closing tags.
  4. Finally, the <body> element specifies the content of the web page. This is where all of the website's material will be written. To include our javascript code, we used the script tag within the body element.
  5. Using split, we have divided the input string into an array of its letters (). Make careful to use the split method with an empty string, such as split("). This guarantees that the split method breaks the string into its constituent characters.
  6. By using reverse, we have reversed the array of letters ().
  7. We have used join to unite the array of reversed letters into a string (). Make that the join method includes an empty string, such as join("). This guarantees that the connect method puts the letters together without any gaps.
  8. The < /body> and </html> tags are used to close the body and html tags, respectively.

Conclusion :-

In JavaScript, reversing a string is a small and easy procedure that can be asked during a technical phone screening or interview.

You may solve this problem quickly, or you could take a more involved approach by using recursion or even more complex methods. I hope this tutorial on how to reverse a string in JavaScript helps you.

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