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How To Get Data From Localstorage In JavaScript

Last Updated : Mar 11, 2024

How To Get Data From Localstorage In JavaScript

In this article we will show you the solution of how to get data from localstorage in JavaScript, data can be stored and retrieved in the browser using the local storage mechanism.

Whenever a visitor closes your site, you will still be able to access the data you have stored.

Typically, localStorage is accessed through JavaScript. Simple code, such as a score counter, can be used to build a sample project.

The purpose of this tutorial is to demonstrate how you can access persistent data using only client-side code to store and retrieve data.

The localStorage object is supported by most web browsers as part of their web storage API.

By storing data in localStorage, you can create key-value pairs. It is recommended to use UTF-16 DOM Strings for unique keys and values.

By using the JSON.stringify() method, you can convert objects and arrays to strings.

LocalStorage supports data storage of up to 5MB. A site's localStorage data can also be shared between all windows which share the same origin.

In spite of the fact that a user closes the browser, this data will not be deleted. The website that created the file will be able to access it anytime in the future.

The localStorage method may be useful for saving sensitive data, but other scripts that run on the same page will be able to access it as well.

Data stored in localStorage can be read by calling the method getItem(). A string value is returned as a result of this method, which accepts the key as a parameter.

By using the setItem() method, data can be stored in localStorage. Keys and corresponding values are passed as arguments to this method.

The removeItem() method can be used to delete a localStorage session. You need to pass the key as a parameter to this method to delete the key-value pair. If the key exists, the process will delete the key-value pair.

The key() method accepts the index as an argument and returns the corresponding key.

The getItem() method accepts the key as an argument and returns the corresponding value. Lastly, the console.log() method prints the key-value pair.

Step By Step Guide On How To Get Data From Localstorage In JavaScript :-

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <h1>localStorage in JavaScript</h1>
    <button onclick="increaseCounter()" type="button">Increase Score</button>
    <button onclick="decreaseCounter()" type="button">Decrease Score</button>
    <button onclick="clearCounter()" type="button">Clear localStorage</button>
    <p id="score"></p>
    <p>Click on the "Increase Score" button to increase the score count</p>
    <p>Click on the "Decrease Score" button to decrease the score count</p>
    <p>Click on the "Clear localStorage" button to clear the localStorage</p>
        You can close the browser tab (or window), and try again.
        You'll see that the data still persists and is not lost even after closing
       the browser.
    <script src="script.js"> </script>
  1. We start by writing <HTML>, which tells the browser what HTML version we're using. Tags are the beginning of HTML documents.
  2. This is followed by the <body> tag that defines the body of the webpage.
  3. Then we use an onclick directive for detecting click events and an ng-class directive for adding up and down arrows. ng-click and ng-class directives contain a function that takes the key name as a parameter.
  4. Then we use <p> for creating paragraph.
  5. Then we added an HTML page with a <script> tag. The script tag explains the source code we used for the JavaScript google API run and the file we used that or the code.
  6. After that </script></body></html> and code should be executed after closing all tags.

Conclusion :-

The local Storage object has several methods including setItem(), getItem(), removeItem(), and clear().

While local Storage is easy to use, it is not safe to store sensitive information. But it's a good choice to develop projects that don't require much storage and don't involve any sensitive information.

I hope this article on how to get data from localstorage in JavaScript helps you and the steps and method mentioned above are easy to follow and implement.

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