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How To Create A Landing Page With WordPress

Last Updated : Mar 11, 2024

How To Create A Landing Page With WordPress

In this article we will show you the solution of how to create a landing page with WordPress, a single page created for a specific marketing, advertising, or email campaign is in fact a landing page.

This page will receive the lion's share of visitors from these sources, hence the term "landing page."

Landing pages are made to convert visitors, which simply means that they perform the action you want them to do on your website.

That could involve making a specific purchase from your online store, joining your email list, completing a form, or doing any other activity that helps your website.

Make a backup of your WordPress site now before we continue with the lesson.

The backup will shield you from data loss if an error happens during the procedure because some of the ways include modifying theme files.

The small details that enable the pages of your website to show up in search results in the way you want them to are title tags or meta description tags, sometimes known as page titles or meta descriptions.

You can change the title of your blog to make it more appropriate for your blog, including your own name or the name of your company.

The content of a WordPress page title influences the rankings of corresponding pages on search engines.

Step By Step Guide On How To Create A Landing Page With WordPress :-

  1. Add the Coming Soon plugin. Visit the Plugins page. From your WordPress dashboard, select Add New. By entering the name of the plugin in the search box, you can find SeedProd and then install or activate it.
  2. Launch the Landing Pages tab in SeedProd. To create a new landing page, click the button.How To Create A Landing Page With WordPress
  3. A Coming Soon filter should be chosen. When you are ready, select a starting page template by clicking it while it is selected with the checkmark icon. To see a preview of the coming very soon page template, click the magnifying glass button.
  4. To meet your website niche, pick a pre-built WordPress coming very soon landing page template and create one from scratch. Consider upgrading to SeedProd Pro to gain access to more starter page layouts since the Lite versions are possibly more restricted.How To Create A Landing Page With WordPress
  5. The plugin will request the URL and name of the page. Later, you can modify them in the page settings.
  6. To alter the coming soon template, click Save and Begin Editing the Page.

Conclusion :-

As a result, we have successfully learned how to create a landing page with wordpress.

Using SeedProd to create your landing page is the simplest option. Using the greatest page builder available, you can make any kind of landing page while knowing any coding.

I hope this article on how to create a landing page with WordPress helps you and the steps and method mentioned above are easy to follow and implement.

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