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How To Copy Files In Python

Last Updated : Mar 11, 2024

How To Copy Files In Python

In this article we will show you the solution of how to copy files in python, file copying in Python is a programming language that lets in us to switch the contents of 1 document to any other file.

This is useful for making modifications to a report without altering the unique, moving facts among exclusive places, or developing backup copies.

Python provides special techniques for copying files. One easy way is to study the content of the supply document and write it to the goal document with the aid of beginning the supply file in read mode and the destination report in write mode.

We can do this the use of File gadgets and their studying and writing strategies.

Another alternative is to use the shutil module, which presents higher-level operations for coping with documents.

In this module, we can use the shutil.copy () feature to replicate a single document from one place to some other.

The shutil.copy2() feature also preserves extra information like timestamps for the duration of the copying procedure.

These strategies can help us reap our intention correctly. Now move to the concept of how to copy files in python.

Step By Step Guide On How To Copy Files In Python :-

def copy_file(source_path, destination_path):
        with open(source_path, 'rb') as source_file:
            with open(destination_path, 'wb') as destination_file:
                # Read and write the file contents in chunks
                chunk_size = 1024
                while True:
                    chunk =
                    if not chunk:
        print("File copied successfully!")
    except IOError as e:
        print(f"An error occurred while copying the file: {e}")
# Example usage
source_file_path = "source_file.txt"
destination_file_path = "destination_file.txt"
copy_file(source_file_path, destination_file_path)
  1. We have a function named copy_file that requires the source_path and destination_path arguments.
  2. It is the duty of this function to replicate a file's contents from the source direction to the destination location.
  3. The open feature is used to open the source document in binary mode ('rb') and assign it to the source_file variable, which launches the file copying operation.
  4. A similar manner is used to open the vacation spot file in binary write mode ('wb') and upload it to the destination_file variable.
  5. We make certain that the files are routinely closed after the copying technique is finished or within the occasion of any exceptions by way of the usage of the with the statement.
  6. The next line of code specifies a piece length of 1024 bytes, defining how plenty facts may be study and written right now.
  7. The programme then enters some time loop, wherein it again and again reads a phase of files the use of the examine technique from the supply document.
  8. The loop is stopped the usage of the ruin statement if the chunk is empty (signifying the quit of the report).
  9. If not, the bite is written the use of the write technique to the goal report.
  10. The code prints the fulfillment message "File copied successfully!" if the copying procedure is successful and mistakes-loose.
  11. The code captures the exception and suggests an error message identifying the best error that befell, albeit, if an IOError takes place during the copying manner (for example, a file not determined or permission problems).
  12. The paths to the source report & vacation spot file are exceeded as arguments while the use of the copy_file characteristic.
  13. The source report direction is set to "source_file.txt" and the destination file direction is about to "destination_file.txt" in the example utilization phase.
  14. The code begins the document copying operation with the aid of invoking the copy_file technique with these arguments.
  15. If important, you could change out those paths on your own report paths.

Conclusion :-

As a result, we have successfully acquired the knowledge necessary to copy files in Python.

Additionally, we discovered that copying files in Python is a frequent action carried out for a variety of reasons, such as making backups, sending data, or modifying file content. Python provides a number of methods for achieving file copying.

I hope this article on how to copy files in python helps you and the steps and method mentioned above are easy to follow and implement.