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How To Compare Two Objects In JavaScript

Last Updated : Jul 1, 2023

How To Compare Two Objects In JavaScript

In this article we will show you the solution of how to compare two objects in JavaScript, in JavaScript, an object is a reality with properties and a variety.

Let's utilize ridicules as a sample. The properties of a motorcar can involve colour, price, height, and scope, among others.

The identical thing occurs in JavaScript, which has objects and attributes for them. right now move to the how to compare two objects in JavaScript.

Step By Step Guide On How To Compare Two Objects In JavaScript :-

We'll talk about how to compare two objects with JavaScript in this section.

Equality comparison

Even if two separate objects have the same characteristics and identical values, they are not regarded as being equal when compared with the strict or loose equality operators (== or ===), respectively.

This is happens because JavaScript may compare objects and arrays by reference. Contrary to primitive values, which are contrasted on the basis of value.


It's common to see JSON.stringify() suggested as a fix for this issue. Comparing the serialised strings has its own challenges, despite the fact that it can be helpful in some circumstances.

The most frequent of these involves values that are comparable but not identical and produce the same serialised string.

Deep nested comparison

It turns out that it is not easy to compare two objects. Because of this, auxiliary functions for shallow or deep equality comparisons are frequently used.

These often employ recursion to compare two items in-depth, taking into account the majority of situations like empty values, special kinds, and nesting.

Involving distinct parameters

We utilised JSON to involve distinct assertions. To equate two details, utilize stringify and" === " In the programme below, we possess appended varied assertions to both arrays.

Since the parameters in both objects are distinct, it'll return false.

Changing the arrangement of properties in object

We utilised JSON to alter the arrangement of the properties in the object. Stringify the objects and utilize the" === " comparison operator.

Since the arrangement of the properties in the object has existed modified, the conclusion will be false.

Making usage of Loadash. isEqual

The property of lodash utilized to equate JavaScript objects is called,. isEqaul. It's placed to decide whether two objects are equal or not.

As an illustration, consider two arrays with an equal number of members and identical characteristics and valuations.

It'll return true verily if the properties aren't in the equal arrangement.

With jumbled values

The, .equal function was utilized to decide whether they're same or not.

It'll quietly return true truly if the properties and values are same but the ordering is out.

With different valuations in both objects

We utilize the, .isEqual() function to decide whether two objects are same or not.

Then, we own involved a script in which two individual objects' characteristics and valuations subsist.

<!DOCTYPE html>
   <title>Comparing two objects</title>
      const Fruit1 = { fruit: 'strawberry' };
      const Fruit2 = { fruit: 'strawberry' };
      document.write(JSON.stringify(Fruit1) === JSON.stringify(Fruit2));
  1. First, we use HTML and HEAD tags to introduce our code.
  2. Next, we use the TITLE tag to give the title "Comparing two items" to the tag.
  3. At that point, our script is launched.
  4. We established two objects in our script called fruit1 and fruit2 that contain the names of the fruits.
  5. After that, we use JSON to compare those two objects.
  6. Add the === operator and stringify
  7. Next, we close the html and script.
  8. The outcome is displayed as true or false.

Conclusion :-

As a result, we have successfully learned about the JavaScript idea of comparing two objects.

We can also see that one of the most typical activities in JavaScript is comparing values.

I hope this article on how to compare two objects in JavaScript helps you and the steps and method mentioned above are easy to follow and implement.

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