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How To Change WordPress Password In cPanel

Last Updated : Mar 11, 2024

How To Change WordPress Password In cPanel

In this article we will show you the solution of how to change WordPress password in cPanel, an intuitive web-based interface for administering your web hosting server is provided by the well-known control panel cPanel.

As the default choice at the majority of low-cost hosting providers, it is especially popular among shared hosts.

The ability to change passwords is one of the cPanel WordPress Manager's more crucial features. Both the database user password and the administrator password are editable.

This can assist with requests that are frequently made by users who have forgotten or lost their admin passwords or in circumstances where the administration has changed and the site needs to be safeguarded.

For administration or security reasons, you can alter the database password.

You would require technical knowledge to administer your websites/server without cPanel.

Yet with cPanel, you don't need any technical knowledge to make changes utilizing a graphical interface.

Your hosting company should have sent you your cPanel username and password, typically in the first batch of welcome emails you got after signing up.

Step By Step Guide On How To Change WordPress Password In cPanel :-

  1. Go to your hosting account and sign in.
  2. From your hosting interface, choose cPanel.How To Change WordPress Password In cPanel
  3. When you are on your cPanel, go to Databases and choose phpMyAdmin by scrolling down.How To Change WordPress Password In cPanel
  4. To access your WordPress database, go to the top menu and choose Databases. (If you have numerous sites, this may get strange. Your wp-config.php file will definitely let you know which database is the correct one if you're unsure.)How To Change WordPress Password In cPanel
  5. Search for wp users and choose Browse once all of the database's tables have appeared.
  6. Choose Edit or the pencil symbol next to the user's name once you've located the one whose password you want to change.How To Change WordPress Password In cPanel
  7. The lengthy list of digits and letters next to user pass can be selected and deleted. (This was your previous password, which was safely kept.)
  8. Enter your new password here. (Remember that case matters.)
  9. Choose MD5 from the dropdown menu on the next line by clicking. This will convert the value we just typed into one that WordPress can use by running the MD5 hashing algorithm on it. A key component of how passwords are safely kept is through hashing operations. If you're curious, David made a longer piece on it.How To Change WordPress Password In cPanel
  10. In the display's bottom right, choose.
  11. Return to the login page for your site and log in there.

Conclusion :-

We advise contacting your host's support for assistance if you are unable to locate your login and password because different hosts have different procedures for doing so.

Generally, you should use WordPress itself to make any changes you want to WordPress.

When you have cPanel access to a website but not WordPress admin access, there are at least three fairly typical scenarios.

I hope this article on how to change WordPress password in cPanel helps you and the steps and method mentioned above are easy to follow and implement.

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