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How To Add Attribute In jQuery

Last Updated : Mar 11, 2024

How To Add Attribute In jQuery

In this article we will show you the solution of how to add attribute in jQuery, to add attributes here to HTML components in an HTML page that already has some of the elements is the work at hand.

Now move to the concept of how to add attribute in jquery.

Step By Step Guide On How To Add Attribute In jQuery :-

Given an HTML file with the components "label," "input," and "button." The type and id attributes are present in the input> element.

The jQuery function is invoked when a user clicks a button. To add the attributes, we employ the $(selector).attr() technique.

In this case, the input field is being given the placeholder attribute.


$("#add-attr").click(function () {
    $("#addAttr").attr("placeholder", "Talkerscode");

attr jQuery()

The selected elements' attributes and values can be set or returned using the jQuery attr() method.

The jQuery attr() function has two uses.This function returns the value of the first matched element as the attribute value.

The collection of matching elements' attribute values can be set using this method for one or more attribute/value pairs.


  • How to determine an attribute's value: $(selector).attr(attribute)
  • A value and attribute can be set by: $(selector).attr(attribute,value)
  • Utilizing a function, one can set an attribute's value: $(selector).attr(attribute,function(index,currentvalue))
  • A number of properties and values can be set: $(selector).attr({attribute:value, attribute:value,...})

These are the arguments for the jQuery attr() function.

  • Attribute: This option allows the attribute's name to be provided.
  • Value: The attribute's value can be specified using this argument.
  • Function (index, currentvalue): It is a parameter that lets you specify a function that will return a value to set for an attribute.
  • Index: The element's index location within the set is received via the index variable.
  • Currentvalue: This feature is used to provide the current attribute value for the elements you've chosen.
 <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">
 <script src="">
  $(document).ready(function () {
   $("#add-attr").click(function () {
    $("#addAttr").attr("placeholder", "Welcome to Talkerscode");
<body style="text-align: center;">
 <h1 style="color: green;">
  Talkerscode shows you that how to add attributes in jQuery?
 <label for="addAttr"></label>
 <input type="text" id="addAttr">
 <button id="add-attr">Add Placeholder Attribute</button>
  1. HTML and HEAD tags are the first tags in our code.
  2. Next, we employ the META tag, which is nothing but The meta> tag defines the metadata for an HTML document. Metadata is information about information.
  3. Next, we employ the jQuery library.
  4. We then begin our script.
  5. In order to run the jQuery code, we use the ready() function in the script.
  6. Next, we employ $("#add-attr").
  7. To add an attribute, click (function ().
  8. Next, we type the statement that will appear in the placeholder.
  9. We then end our script.
  10. After that, we begin our body and arrange the test so that its centre is visible.
  11. Next, we present the heading in the shade of green.
  12. We then create a new subheading.
  13. Next, we offer the addAttr label.
  14. The textbox that contains the addAttr is then used in step
  15. Next, we press the Add Placeholder Attribute button.
  16. And finally, we use BODY and HTML Tags to finish off our code.

Conclusion :-

Thus, we have effectively acquired the knowledge necessary to add attributed code in jQuery.

We can also see that the jQuery attr() method, which retrieves an element's attribute value, may be called simply on such a jQuery object and chained with other jQuery methods.

I hope this article on how to add attribute in jQuery helps you and the steps and method mentioned above are easy to follow and implement.

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