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Get List Of Files In Directory Python

Last Updated : Mar 11, 2024

Get List Of Files In Directory Python

In this article we will show you the solution of get list of files in directory python, files and directories on a computer are linked together via paths in the file system.

The path is just a string that identifies a file or directory's position within the file system.

Absolute pathways and relative paths are the two different categories of paths.

A root of the file is the starting point for an absolute path, which is the complete path to just a file or directory.

No matter what the working directory is currently, it indicates the precise location of a file or directory.

A relative path, on the other hand, refers to a directory or file that is located within the current working directory.

Now let's talk about the obtain list of files within directory python approach.

Step By Step Guide On Get List Of Files In Directory Python :-

Information is gathered into files. A folder or directory, which is a general term for a group of files, can be used to store them.

To access and list every file in a given directory, you can use one of the many modules that Python offers.

These two modules—the os module and the path module—collect essentially all the available functions for us to employ.

Method: OS module

import os
path = "C:/Users/Dell/OneDrive/Desktop”
  1. The os module is imported in the first line of code. There are numerous functions available in the OS module that can be utilized to list all of the files kept in a specific directory in Python.
  2. Next, we employ path to access the file’s location.
  3. Next, we employ the print statement while The most popular way to list every file that is present in a directory is with the os.listdir() function.
  4. The os.listdir() function returns a list containing all of the files inside the directory when the path toward a directory is supplied as an argument.

Method: os walk

import os
path = "C:/Users/Dell/OneDrive/Desktop”
for (root,dirs,file) in os.walk(path):
    for x in file:
  1. First line of code imports the os module. To list every file saved in a certain directory in Python, use one of the many functions offered by the OS module.
  2. After that, we use path to get the file's location.
  3. Next, we employ the OS walk method using a for loop. This method has two parts: dirs, which prints out subdirectories from the root, and root, which prints out directories just from what you provided. Files that print out all files and directories from the root.
  4. The return value of the os.walk() function is not a list. But, it instead returns file names. All of the files in the directory with these names are present.
  5. It will use the print statement at the end to display the file names that are present in that path.

Conclusion :-

As a result, we were able to understand the Python notion of getting a list of files that are in a directory.

We also discovered that the file system on a computer uses paths to connect files and directories.

The path is merely a string that indicates the location of a directory or file inside the file system.

The two different types of paths are absolute pathways & relative pathways.

I hope this article on get list of files in directory python helps you and the steps and method mentioned above are easy to follow and implement.