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Get Home URL WordPress

Last Updated : Mar 11, 2024

Get Home URL WordPress

In this article we will show you the solution of get home url wordpress, get home URL returns the URL to a WordPress website's Home Page. When using linkage in the development process, get home URL is one of the WordPress functions that developers frequently use.

WordPress can be set up in any subdirectory of your website host. Because WordPress is not always installed in the root folder, having a function that returns the current website's URL is essential.

By reading this post, one can find his or her WordPress login URL.

There are times when changing the URL and home page is not enough to make a significant difference.

There is a possibility that some database references will be reassigned to another domain.

A functioning website and a highly developed CMS will almost certainly be corrupted as a result of this.

Utilizing comparative addresses for file references or link building is NOT a good idea when working to develop WordPress themes or plugins.

WordPress makes setting up a website quickly for beginners incredibly straightforward.

But how do you access your brand-new website after that? You can discover one's WordPress login URL by reading this post.

In some cases, simply changing the site URL and home page is insufficient. Some database references might get reassigned to a domain. This will almost certainly corrupt the functioning website and the highly developed CMS.

Step By Step Guide On Get Home URL WordPress :-

  1. Locate the database name in the wp-config.php file.Get Home URL WordPress
  2. Open the phpMyAdmin menu by going to the cPanel > Databases section.
  3. Locate this same database again for the WordPress website by clicking on the "+" sign beside one's cPanel username to increase the number of databases. Select the wp options table after that (the database prefix for your installation may differ from wp_).Get Home URL WordPress
  4. Locate the site URL but also the home rows and update both option value fields with the new domain.Get Home URL WordPress
  5. Check the options table's second page if you can't find the site URL or home rows.

Conclusion :-

As a result, we have successfully learned how to get home url in wordpress.

The quickest way to discover your WordPress login address is to add /admin to the end of your website's URL.

For example, if you're accessing your website's admin page through, it’ll take you to

A non-logged-in WordPress user will be automatically taken to the WordPress admin login page.

You can retrieve the URL for the home page of a WordPress website by using the Get home URL function.

I hope this article on get home URL WordPress helps you and the steps and method mentioned above are easy to follow and implement.

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