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Get Cookie In PHP

Last Updated : Mar 11, 2024

Get Cookie In PHP

In this article we will show you the solution of get cookie in php, Cookies are little data files that the web server stores on the user's machine using PHP.

They are frequently employed to monitor user behaviour on a website and offer a customised surfing experience.

Cookies can be used to store things like user preferences, login information, and goods from shopping carts.

The setcookie() function, which accepts a variety of parameters including the cookie name, value, and expiration time, can be used to set a cookie in PHP.

The $_COOKIE superglobal array can be used to access cookies that have already been set during subsequent requests.

Website developers have access to some strong tools, but it's important that they use those tools wisely. Now move to the concept of get cookie in php.

Step By Step Guide On Get Cookie In PHP :-

Cookie files are small data files that web servers save on computer hard drives.

The web server can obtain information from the cookie on subsequent requests, such as user preferences or login credentials.

By accessing the $_COOKIE superglobal array, which holds all cookies that are currently set for the current request, it is possible to retrieve a cookie's value using PHP.

// Set a cookie
setcookie('my_cookie', 'hello world', time() + 3600); // Expires in 1 hour
// Get the cookie value
$cookie_value = isset($_COOKIE['my_cookie']) ? $_COOKIE['my_cookie'] : '';
// Print the cookie value
echo $cookie_value;
  1. Here As you can see, we wrote PHP code for getting cookies.
  2. The setcookie() function is used at the beginning of the code to create the "my_cookie" cookie. This function accepts a number of inputs.
  3. The cookie's name, in this case "my_cookie," is the first parameter.
  4. The cookie's value (in this case, "hello world") is specified by the second parameter.
  5. The third option is the cookie's expiration time, which in this case is set to one hour in the future using the expression time() + 3600.
  6. The isset() function is then used to determine whether the cookie has been set. A return of true indicates that the variable exists and is not null; otherwise, a return of false indicates that the variable does not exist.
  7. If the cookie is active, we use the key'my_cookie' to access its value from the $_COOKIE superglobal array.
  8. In the absence of a cookie, the $cookie_value variable is set to an empty string.
  9. In the final step, we use echo to print the cookie value.
  10. 'Hello World' will be printed if the cookie has been set.
  11. An empty string is produced if the cookie is not set.

Conclusion :-

Hence, we were able to understand the PHP get cookie notion. We have discovered that cookies are an effective tool for web designers that enables a more efficient and personalised surfing experience.

Using the $_COOKIE superglobal array and the setcookie() method in PHP, cookies may be readily stored and retreived.

Developers may build more effective and user-friendly websites while also respecting user privacy and security if they are aware of how cookies function in PHP.

I hope this article on get cookie in php helps you and the steps and method mentioned above are easy to follow and implement.

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