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Frequency Of Characters In A String Python

Last Updated : Mar 11, 2024

Frequency Of Characters In A String Python

In this article we will show you the solution of frequency of characters in a string python, make a Python programme that counts how many times each character appears in the string, representing the character's frequency.

After being given the string, the objective is to determine the frequency of every letter in it.

In a dictionary, the character serves as both the key and the value, and their frequency serves as the key.

To find out how commonly a character exists in a string, apply the count() method.

If a string is used as the argument, the count() method will accept a character.

Now let us talk about the idea of character frequency in a Python string.

Step By Step Guide On Frequency Of Characters In A String Python :-

Method - Using while loop

string=input("Enter a string: ")
char=input("Please enter a character to find frequency of character\n")
print("The frequency of the ",char,"in the string is: ",count)
  1. As are able to observe that we use a while loop in this place to build a Python code for calculating a character's frequency in a string.
  2. We declare the variables string and char at the beginning of the code.
  3. Declare and initialise count=0 for all integer variables.
  4. The user then requested that they enter a string. And the string variable stores the specified string.
  5. Next, the user prompted for a character. And the variable char holds the specified character.
  6. Using string's length as a guide, a loop (for, while) is then used to count how often each character appears in the given string.
  7. If (string[i]==char) is true, the count is changed to count + 1 (count = count +1) by utilising an if condition.
  8. You can then observe that the loop is terminated when it is false.
  9. The sharing the frequency of a specified character in the specified string as a final step.

Method - Using Naive Method:

test_str = "Talkerscode"
all_freq = {}
for i in test_str:
    if i in all_freq:
        all_freq[i] += 1
        all_freq[i] = 1
print("Count of all characters in Talkerscode is :\n "
      + str(all_freq))
  1. You can see that we used a basic approach while writing the Python 3 code to illustrate each occurrence frequency.
  2. Naive approach Simply loop through string and create a key for each newly encountered element in the dictionary, or if the element has previously appeared, raise its value by 1.
  3. The string referred to as Talkerscode is initialised in the first line of the code.
  4. The dictionary variable, which was used to store each character in the string, is then utilised.
  5. The frequency of each character inside the given string is then counted using a for loop with an if/else expression to determine the string's length.
  6. In the final section, we utilise the print function to show the number of characters in the string.

Conclusion :-

As a result, we have successfully mastered the Python concept of character frequency.

Also, we learnt how to use Python's for loop and naive method to count every character in a string.

I hope this article on frequency of characters in a string python helps you and the steps and method mentioned above are easy to follow and implement.

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