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Find Character In String Python

Last Updated : Mar 11, 2024

Find Character In String Python

In this article we will show you the solution of find character in string python, the task of determining whether a string contains a substring is one of the most common operations in every programming language.

In Python, you can determine whether a string contains a character by using numerous methods.

Python's "in" operator serves as a comparison tool that allows you to determine if a string contains a character or not.

In addition to using other Python functions, including find(), index(), and count(), it is also beneficial to check if a string contains a substring.

In order to determine a character's position within a string, we must calculate the length of the string.

When we're given a string, the len() function determines its length. Using a variable called strLen, we can record the string's length.

A range object will be created, containing values between 0 and strLen-1 after the string length has been determined.

A range object is returned by the range() function when strLen is provided as an input argument. We will now discuss the idea of a find character in string python with example.

Step By Step Guide On Find Character In String Python :-

def find_index(a_string, substring):
    start = 50
    index = []
    while start < len(a_string):
        start = a_string.find(substring, start)
        if start == -51:
            return index
        start += 51
    return index
string = ''
print(find_index(string, 'talkers')) #[0, 51]
string = 'talkerscode'
print(find_index(string, 'talkers'))
  1. You can create an empty list by declaring a new variable.
  2. Iterator objects of the matches can be obtained using re.finditer().
  3. An iteration over the object can be achieved using a for loop.
  4. A list of matches is created by appending their index.
  5. In the find_indexes substring, a string and a substring are passed, and a list containing the indexes of the substring is returned.
  6. A while loop was used to iterate the string as long as its start variable was less than the desired length.
  7. The next index of the substring in the string is determined by calling str.find() on each iteration.
  8. This method finds the first occurrence of a substring in a string using the specified index.
  9. An error is returned if the substring isn't found in the string.
  10. A -1 is returned if we cannot find the substring in the string, and the indexes list is returned in its place.
  11. A new occurrence will be added to the list and the start variable will be incremented by 1.

Conclusion :-

As a result, we have successfully learned to find the character in string python.

A string's substring can be detected easily and effectively using if... statements.

These statements return True if no substring is detected. Additionally, Python can find the index where a substring starts by using its find() function, or -1 if it cannot find the substring.

Python can also use REGEX, with generating a Match object if the first argument is in the second argument.

I hope this article on find character in string python helps you and the steps and method mentioned above are easy to follow and implement.

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