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Count The Number Of Characters In A String Python

Last Updated : Mar 11, 2024

Count The Number Of Characters In A String Python

In this article we will show you the solution of count the number of characters in a string python, the characters in strings can be viewed as a set with each character being located at a specific index. count is a function that is included with Python.

It will then return the overall number of that element in the string. From the start to the finish of the string, counts are made.

You can also select the start index and finish index, which will determine where the search will start.

You can tell the search engine to look only for a specific character or substring inside the specified string.

It will provide you the character or substring's count within the supplied string.

Now let us talk about how to use Python to count the characters in a string.

Step By Step Guide On Count The Number Of Characters In A String Python :-

Method - Utilizing the for loop

s = 'Talkerscode'
t = 0
for i in s:
    t += 1
  1. You can see that we have written Python code in this place to count the characters in a string.
  2. A string can be iterated through using Python's for loop.
  3. A counter variable that is increased after each iteration can be used.
  4. This variable will show the string length in characters.
  5. The first line of code produces the string referred to as Talkerscode.
  6. Then, a value of 0 is assigned to the t variable that initiated.
  7. Using a for loop, we repeatedly iterate through the string s.
  8. We increase t with each iteration, and once the loop is complete, we show its current value.
  9. In the final statement, we use the print function to display the string's character count.

Method - Using the collections.Counter class:

from collections import Counter
s = 'Talkerscode'
counter = Counter(s)
  1. You can see in this example how we use the collections counter class to construct Python code to count the characters in a string.
  2. A string's elements are stored as key-value pairs in collections of the Counter class.
  3. The characters in the string serve as the keys, and each key's value indicates how frequently a certain character appears in the string.
  4. These values can be added together to determine how many characters are in the provided string.
  5. With the help of importing counter, we begin our code by adding from collections import counter.
  6. The string with the name "Talkerscode" is created in the next line.
  7. Then, we construct an object of a Counter class, called ob.
  8. Using the values() function, we then make an object that contains every value of a dictionary-like object ob.
  9. Next, using the sum() method, which produces the total of these numbers, we utilise the print function.

Conclusion :-

As a result, we have successfully mastered the Python idea of counting the characters in a string.

Also, we learnt how to use Python's for loop & counter class module to obtain the characters.

I hope this article on count the number of characters in a string python helps you and the steps and method mentioned above are easy to follow and implement.

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