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Array To String Conversion In PHP MySQL

Last Updated : Jul 1, 2023

Array To String Conversion In PHP MySQL

In this tutorial we will show you the solution of array to string conversion in PHP MySQL and in this article we come across with two PHP functions that are implode and json_encode function.

As we know implode function is just like join function and in our previous article we know about join function.

We hope that you understand that article properly. Now, let us understand this article.

Step By Step Guide On Array To String Conversion In PHP MySQL :-

The implode function is the inbuilt function used in php to join strings. In php the implode function works exactly like join function. Now, let us understand about implode function.

<!DOCTYPE html>
Title of the document is here
// Declaration of an array is here
$arre = array("hello","welcome", "to",
 "the", "world","of","");
// converting array elements into strings using implode function is here
echo implode(" ",$arre);
  1. Here, first of all we already say that to run php we must knew about the basic structure of php. If you don’t about the basic structure of php then you can visit to our articles in which we learn about basic structure of php.
  2. In next step, we say that we can embed html and php both in each other. There are some rules to integrate them. Please understand before working with php in html.
  3. Now, herein body where we create our full structure of webpage. We use here php codes.
  4. As, we know that in basic structure of php. <?php is the opening tag of php and ?> is closing tag of php. Always the php codes are run inside or written inside this structure.
  5. Now, here first we create an array with some strings. As you see our string is divided into different parts of array. If you wanna to insert string from MySQL, then you can import array data from database. The importation of data from database to webpage is already discussed in our previous articles.
  6. After that we store our array in a variable named $arre.
  7. And at last we use implode function there. In the syntax of implode we have to give the name the string in which we want to implement implode function and the character with the help of which we want to create a string from array.
  8. We can store the data from implode to a variable and echo or say print that variable. Or we can directly print the implode function with the help of echo as we do in our example. We hope that you understand our codes properly.

Conclusion :-

At last in conclusion, here we can say that with the help of this article we are able to convert array to string conversion in php MySQL. I hope this tutorial on array to string conversion in PHP MySQL helps you.