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CSS Introduction

CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) is the styling language used to style web pages. There are a few versions of CSS in use today: CSS is the most firmly established and the newer, more robust CSS3 is gaining steam and browser support.
                  CSS is not a programming language it is a styling language, which means it is a system for changing the apperance and styling of a almost all elements in a document.

Advantages of CSS

  • Time Saving:You can write single css file and use it in as many time as you want by simply adding to html document.

  • Faster Load:With the help of CSS you can reduce unnecessary HTML tags so as a result the webpage load faster.

  • Easy To Maintain:If you write global CSS file that is a css file for all HTML files you can edit that single file and changes will occur in all html pages.

  • Multiple Device Capability:CSS has the ability to display the almost same styling on different types of devices.
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