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PHP Introduction

PHP Introduction

PHP is a server-side scripting language designed for web development but also used as a general-purpose programming language.You can nearly do anthing with in the server-side.

Install PHP

Things Needed To install and use PHP

  • Web Server web server is needed to install and run php on your pc

  • PHP install the latest version of PHP from the official website of PHP

  • Database install a database like MySQL from here

PHP Syntax

Simple PHP Syntax

<?php....Anthing Here is PHP Code...?>

PHP script can be placed anywhere in the document and you must save the document with .php extension.


<p>This is the basic example of PHP</p>


    echo "Simple Example of PHP";



All the PHP statements end with a semicolon (;).

PHP Comments

PHP comments is used to easily read the codes, comments cannot be executed and cannot be read by the users.


<p>This is the basic example of PHP Comments</p>

// single line comment.

Multiple line comment1
Multiple line comment2
Multiple line comment3
     echo "Simple Example of PHP Comments";



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